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Crazy like a Fox: is a former Harper communications director building a conservative cable news channel?

The media is all over Kory Teneycke this week, reporting that he is ditching his role as right-wing pundit at the CBC to become vice-president of development for Quebecor. Why does anyone care? Well, because before his post at the CBC, Teneycke was one of Stephen Harper’s many directors of communications. That, combined with Quebecor’s application for a CRTC license for an all-news channel, has media types speculating that the company’s CEO, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, is trying to bring the Fox News formula to Canada: brash, barking, right-wing news and punditry, but with more snow in the weather updates.

The Globe and Mail digs in:

Mirroring the format of both Fox TV and MSNBC in the U.S., the envisioned Canadian station would offer straightforward reporting but also conservative-minded opinion shows—a mix of programming that would be clearly separated rather than blended.

Ezra Levant, a conservative author and activist, is being seriously considered as a host for one of the new station’s anchor opinion shows, sources say. Mr. Levant and Mr. Teneycke have worked together as far back as the 1996 Winds of Change conference, a precursor to the unite-the-right movement that merged the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties.

Levant says he hasn’t signed any contracts with anyone yet, but if Quebecor wants to bring the full Fox to this side of the border, there are some questions that need answering. First, who will be Canada’s Bill O’Reilly? Peter Kent has the conservative and TV cred, but we can’t imagine him screaming, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” at a producer. And who will fill Glenn Beck’s shoes? What Canadian can possibly mix teary patriotism with paranoid chalkboard scribblings?

NDP MP Charlie Angus says this network could get into legal troubles, because Canadian law still requires broadcasters to present a balanced view. Now, if only Quebecor had connections with the Canadian government.

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  • Bob

    It is so nice to see that we will have another voice in Canadian news media. What we have now is so left of centre that conservative thinking people can’t tolerate to watch it.

    As for this author’s feable attempts to belittle Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, I just have to laugh and say “is that all you’ve got”. You progressive’s will loose this war once Canadian’s see you for what you are.

  • andrew

    Oh noes! The progressives are going to loose! I don’t know what that means but it sure sounds scary!

  • Bob

    Need I say anymore. Andrew, get a brain! :-)

    The people who write articles like this one just want to control and regulate every aspect of your life. The trouble with you Andrew, and all those who remain willfully ignorant, is that you won’t even know until it’s to late and all your freedoms have been taken away.

  • Justin

    Looks awfully suspicious, how many private investigators did they have
    following this guy around?

    Have to wake up sooner or later !

  • Pat D

    This is terribly scary.
    The thought of a canadian equivalent to fox news makes me sick to my stomach. They’ll tear the country apart just like they’re doing the usa.