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Metro newspaper threatens to take away sudoku

One of the city’s daily freebie papers has two more days to negotiate a new contract with its 70-person staff, or else employees will go on strike. This means that morning commutes could be devoid of sudoku puzzles (and accidental porn) as early as next week.

Without a hint of irony, the union representing the employees sent out a media release this morning demanding “a traditional wage grid that provides pay increases to reflect advancements in job experience,” but says the employers are instead offering pay freezes and asking employees to be responsible for 15 per cent of the cost of their benefits.

“It’s outrageous that the company is effectively demanding pay cuts at a time when it is rolling in money,” says union negotiator Mike Sullivan in the press release. The release also notes that Metro’s revenue increased by 25 per cent in the first three months of 2010 and estimates that the paper made $6 to $8 million last year.

Newspapers making money? That’s just crazy talk.

• Metro Toronto contract talks face strike/lockout deadline [CNW]

  • Metro staffer

    Not only is Metro making money – it’s making it hand over fist.

    Metro Canada went from 10 M Euros to 14 M Euros for Q1 in 2010.

    That’s 13.3 Million dollars to 18.62 Million in the quarter. That would result in 74 Million annualized.

    Here is a recent Q1 report from Metro International.

    Metro internationals online Q1 report. Stream it, and you hear round 1:08 that Canada has an “amazing 25% grow” in Q1

    It comes up again on slide 10 at 8:12. ” Canada is in the running to be the biggest selling and most profitable unit in metro international.”

  • John Boon

    Sudoku ? No one cares about the Sudoku in Metro anymore. Readers are a lot more interested in the new puzzle called Str8ts. it is causing a big stir and should increase the papers revenue drastically. i think it was even invented in Canada.