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Kelly Cutrone dishes about her crush on “smoking hot” Leonard Cohen

Cohen and Cutrone: ain't no cure for love (Image: HollyWata)

In one of the scheduled interviews she actually went through with, fashion PR doyenne Kelly Cutrone sits down with the Globe and Mail’s Amy Verner for some good old-fashioned girl talk. The conversation is more upbeat than Cutrone’s last dealings with Toronto media (she famously cancelled an interview with local Web site She Does the City, and Shinan Govani blasted her in a recent column). The highlight of the Q&A is Cutrone spilling her schoolgirl crush on Canada’s own Leonard Cohen, saying, “He asked me out for coffee when I was married, and it’s one of my biggest regrets ever.” Though Cutrone believes that at age 43, she’s now a “tribal elder”—one who has a colourist “not for fashion,” but to cover greys—76-year-old Cohen is “way older than me but smoking hot.” Not that it matters; Cutrone says, “He could be 100 and you’d still have sex with him.”

Don’t worry, monogamy lovers. After Cutrone confessed that she was married, Cohen, like a Canadian gentleman, backed off, saying, “Probably not such a good idea to go get a coffee, then.” Too bad—we could finally replace Diana Krall and Elvis Costello as our favourite forty-ninth parallel power couple.