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Reasons to Love Toronto 2013: Our fifth annual mash note to the city

Reasons to Love Toronto 2013

(Photo: Yiu Yu Hoi)

When the news came that Toronto had breezed past Chicago in population count, adding another 38,000 people in a single year and becoming the fourth-largest city in North America, we weren’t surprised—the evidence was all around. The time when Toronto was solely distinguished by its citizens’ polite reserve and, paradoxically, the show-offy height of its telecommunications tower, is ancient history. We still have the CN Tower, but now it’s the pinnacle of a busy metropolis that’s given birth to a Toronto sound, a Toronto look, a Toronto cuisine, a Toronto brand of erotic literature and a Toronto team with a real shot at the World Series. Our fifth annual love letter to Toronto, are ample proof of a city ascendant.

Reasons to Love Toronto 2013