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Eight portraits of the affluent, educated professionals flocking to Toronto from around the world

Becoming Torontonian

As the global economy fizzles, our city is being inundated with a new cohort of foreign professionals. They’re coming for the stable economy, the chart-topping livability and the promise of a steady job. Meet the new refugees.

  • Suzy

    Wow…so much to comment on. Firstly, to TL… why choose the word AFFLUENT for some of these people – they are NOT! To the man @ king/bathurst who thinks the streetcar sound is soothing, are you for real ?!! GTFOH! For 10 years I lived in hell on Queens Quay when that nasty streetcar screech around spadina and kept me awake.. nothing soothing about that. Oh, to that lovely couple whose condo will be ready in 2014… wait until the valuation comes in then on your lovely condo, make sure you got some ca$h stack away to meet the shortfall after the market drop.
    To all how flock her to TO—-> Welcome!! We have been expecting you and all the best!

  • aa

    Suzy, have a drink you sound so lame!

  • Johnny

    aa, you ar etoo funny with a name like that… back to rehab!

  • IConICE

    I admire this guy for what he does, but if he thinks Toronto is better than Boston, he’s sampling some serious drugs.

    Boston is exciting, beautiful, dynamic… Toronto is a hole by comparison.

  • Dan

    No same-sex couples? Hmm…

  • icedtealemonade

    Toronto is exactly how these couples describe them to be, diverse and accepting of all cultures. I am proud that I live in Toronto, I love it so much! :)

  • Peter

    I have lived in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and New York in the last 15 years and I have never come across so many agressive comments on online blogs and news like in Toronto.
    Your city is amazing and your comments show an inferiorty complex that is embarassing for you Torontonians.
    Accept the city as it is and stop comparing yourself to the world! Your city is growing up, live with it or move away.
    The world is yours.

  • h8tnh8trs

    Its not what Toronto can do for you but rather what you can do for Toronto…so original.
    Being bred and raised in this fine city, I have only positive comments about it. I have travelled and lived all over Europe…each city has its own strengths and weaknesses.
    Please one small favour, please send the Woodbridge Vaughn attention seeking princesses back to Italy, every time I see them they remind me of Jersey Shore.

  • Bilbo


  • Robbie

    Those who make negative comments seem to be bitter people to me. No happy person writes stuff like that.

  • jonathan.c

    Wait, these people are supposed to be affluent? They are middle class not affluent, I doubt any of these people make north of 500k a year, most probably make far less than that

  • Carmen I.

    A very superficial documented article or a dummy author…Things are not at all as “pinky” as you presented them here…Read the “Canadian Immigrant” and you’ll have a more “realistic”idea about what immigrating to Canada really means…and you forgot to mention the very”unique” “Canadian Experience”which is the main criteria when you are searching for a job…You are just “ridiculous stupid”…

  • Audra Williams

    Why is Duro Jankovic listed as a “graphic designer” and Lindsay Patrick listed as a “full time mother”, if they are BOTH staying home with their children right now?

  • Alex Rascanu

    Nice portraits of interesting people in a great city!

  • Chadwick

    Peter, thank you. This city has a to many haters who bitch and moan over such nonsense. They take this incredible city for granted. Toronto is booming and is becoming a major player in the world, open your eyes and appreciate it.

  • Fer

    You sure? have u ask them? I know one family in there and I’m pretty sure they make way more than that… just saying

  • metric

    I can tell you that the architect from Spain working for RAW is making less than 100K a year. That is certain.

  • metric

    Good to see you are taking your Brain Candy

  • metric

    Who the fuk makes north of $500K a year? CEO’s, partners of law firms and brokerage houses sure, but most of the working professionals I know with masters degrees don’t make much more than 100K. Who are these people that make $500k and will they end up in jail?

  • metric

    Hypocritical social norms.

  • metric

    Who cares if it’s booming and becoming a major player. Is that an end in itself? If it means cannibalizing all the interesting places in the city for the sake of growth, who cares. Keep it. Toronto is becoming a generic corporate shitscape like Houston and boasts the shittiest mayor in the history of civilization.