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The Conversation: Bruce McDonald and Kelley Armstrong on spooky stories and making sequels

The place: Salvador Darling in Parkdale
The people: film director Bruce McDonald and horror writer Kelley Armstrong
The subject: spooky stories and making sequels

The Conversation: Raising Spirits

The Hunger Games and Twilight hog all the attention, but Kelley Armstrong has been repeatedly landing on the New York Times bestseller lists with her supernatural guilty reads about sexy werewolves, witches and vampires, and kids who can raise the dead. The 13th and final instalment in her Otherworld series for grown-ups hits stores this summer, while the second book in her teen-friendly, necromancy-themed Darkness Rising trilogy is out now. Local indie film legend and cowboy hat enthusiast Bruce McDonald has spent some time at the undead rodeo, most notably for his zombie flick Pontypool, and now in the follow-up to his career-making 1996 film Hard Core Logo, a fake documentary about a punk-rock band’s last hurrah. While most of the original characters are gone, we do get a visit from the spirit of Joe Dick, the disgruntled frontman who famously offed himself at the end of the original.

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Hardcore Logo II

Directed by
Bruce McDonald
In theatres now
Darkness Rising:
The Calling

by Kelly Armstrong
On shelves now