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Dear Urban Diplomat: don’t I have the right to use the washroom at a Maple Leafs game as often as I need to?

Dear Urban Diplomat

(Image: Mark Watmough)

Dear Urban Diplomat,
I went to a Leafs game recently and, after downing a litre-sized beer, found I had go to the bathroom a few times (I waited for stops in play). Every time, I was given the stink-eye by a woman who refused to move her legs. The last time, while I was practically straddling her to get by, she snarkily suggested I invest in a pair of adult diapers. Was I in the wrong? I was only responding to a biological need.
—Pissed Off, ETOBICOKE

Beer and hot dogs are a vital part of going to the game; I don’t begrudge you that. But if your beer is bigger than your bladder, you should pace yourself. And, while I don’t condone the woman’s belligerent row obstruction, I’d be tempted to do the same. Pregnancy, small children or a medical condition buy you an unlimited potty pass. Otherwise, go before you sit down, hold it till intermission or buy seats on the aisle.

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