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Michael Bryant’s very bad year: his life on bail, how he got off, and his surprise comeback

A 28-second fight resulted in the death of a cyclist and almost ended the career of the cocky, ruthlessly ambitious Michael Bryant. Instead, his name has been cleared, and he’s set to return to politics. He swears he’s a changed man

On the last night of August 2009, Michael Bryant and his wife, Susan Abramovitch, celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. As date nights go, it was cheap—a dinner of shawarma and iced tea on College Street and a dessert of baklava on the Danforth before heading home to midtown in their black Saab convertible with the top and windows down.

Driving west on Bloor, approaching Yonge, they noticed a cyclist tossing garbage and holding up traffic by doing figure eights on his bike. The cyclist, Darcy Allan Sheppard, was drunk and ranting. Bryant and Abramovitch passed Sheppard and kept driving. As they neared the pedestrian crossing between Bay and Avenue, where the street narrowed for construction, Sheppard pulled up in front of the Saab. Bryant hit the brakes, causing his car to stall. When he started it again, the car lurched forward and Sheppard shouted, possibly because the bumper nudged his back wheel. As Bryant later told police, it was at this point he had his first twinge of fear—a sense the situation could escalate beyond his control. In his rush to start the car and get out of there, he panicked, causing the vehicle to stall and surge forward again, this time hitting Sheppard hard enough that he toppled onto the hood. He wasn’t seriously injured, but he became enraged, throwing his bulky courier’s backpack at the car. When Bryant tried to drive away, Sheppard clung to the driver’s side door.

For Bryant, time seemed to speed up and slow down at once. Suddenly there was no car, no road, no traffic, pedestrians or buildings—only three people fighting for their lives, and one of them was about to lose. Sheppard reached inside the car and grabbed the wheel, and the car veered into the eastbound lanes. By a stroke of luck, the street was empty. According to forensic reports, Bryant never shifted out of first gear, his car staying around 34 kilometres an hour. But when the left side of Sheppard’s torso snagged on a fire hydrant in front of the Colonnade building, it was enough to send him flying to the ground. His head hit the pavement hard.

Bryant parked his car around the corner, at the Park Hyatt, and called 911 to say he’d been attacked. He was later arrested and taken to the lock-up at Toronto’s traffic services on Hanna Avenue. He offered to take a breathalyzer and was refused. For several hours, he had no contact with the outside world, nor any idea of the extent of Sheppard’s injuries. Early that morning, the police informed Bryant that Sheppard had died in hospital. Bryant would now face two charges: operation of a motor vehicle causing death and criminal negligence causing death. The latter, more serious, charge carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison. Bryant knew this without having to ask. He’d helped write the case law on which the charge was based a decade and a half earlier while clerking at the Supreme Court.

Unable to sleep, he planned out his next moves. First, he knew he would have to quit his job as the head of Invest Toronto, the new city-run economic growth venture, a job given to him by Mayor David Miller. Second, he needed a suit. That way, if his kids, seven-year-old Sadie and five-year-old Louis, saw him on TV addressing the scrum that would be gathered outside the police station, they would think it was just Daddy doing his job at a press conference. If they saw him in a T-shirt, he figured they’d know something was wrong.

Bryant was released from custody at 2:30 the following afternoon. On the steps of the police station, dressed in a crisp grey suit and striped tie delivered to him by a law school buddy, he gave a brief statement expressing his condolences to the family of Darcy Allan Sheppard.

When he arrived at his and Abramovitch’s house near St. Clair and Avenue Road, the curtains were drawn, and there were camera crews camped out on his front lawn. He half expected to find Abramovitch in bed on Demerol—she’d been in the car, too, after all—but discovered her surrounded by friends, including Nikki Holland, Bryant’s long-time aide, who had arrived at the scene just minutes after the incident and had stayed with Abramovitch ever since.

Abramovitch is a partner at the Bay Street firm Gowlings and one of the most influential entertainment lawyers in the country. She’d spent the day working the phones, attacking the situation like the high-functioning, crisis-managing type-A personality she is. She’d already spoken to the city’s best criminal lawyers, reassured friends, consulted with associates, fended off the press, and talked to Jaime Watt, head of the PR firm Navigator—who, being a friend, offered up his services for free.

The media, short on facts, began to speculate in newsrooms across the city. Who was the unidentified woman in the convertible, and how long had Bryant been screwing her? Was she a brunette like Bryant’s wife or a brassy blonde stranger? What fancy Yorkville restaurant had they dined at and how much booze had they consumed? Reporters called the scandal Toronto’s Bonfire of the Vanities and Bryant’s Chappaquiddick; another example of the battle between cyclists and motorists; a class war and political drama of epic proportions. It was the story of the year! Journalists who had once eaten out of Bryant’s hand turned on him like a pack of pit bulls.

Navigator responded with a Twitter feed intended to counter the speculation, but the strategy backfired. Bryant was pilloried for being image conscious in the face of tragedy. What kind of person, reporters asked, is pragmatic enough to put on a suit when his world is imploding? A guilty person, that’s who!

  • nihir

    A very flattering article. A completely one-sided account, but then again he is the one who lived to tell the tale.

  • Melvin Belliful

    I wondered what happened to this case, and, saddened now to learn that money gets one off again. There is clearly no doubt the cyclist Sheppard was harassing and intimidating. Still, that is no defence for the actions of driver Bryant in killing him.

    Shameful insider’s game of justice.

    “Money doesn’t talk it swears.”

  • Fraser

    He accidentally hit the bike with the car twice?! C’mon!!!

  • Hewey

    What a wonderful story…and it ended with a “spontaneous standing ovation” at a business luncheon. How glorious!

    A man who has risen in large part because of his ‘magic rolodex’ kills another man under shady circumstances…enter another lawyer with equally ruthless personal ambition (Henein) to counter witness testimony with some photos of a completely different incident….and then in comes the puff piece journalist to say that the pre-trial acquittal proves innocence of a man just months removed from the highest lawyer post in the land, and renowned for making powerful friends.

    Makes one wonder if this author’s name might just be found within that Rolodex too. Or are they just a crime drama romantic with no hint of a power analysis?

  • Christine

    An absolutely disgraceful piece of ‘journalism’. I don’t think Navigator or Bryant himself would have done it any differently.

    Leah McLaren and her TL editor Sarah Fulford should be hanging their heads in shame. I certainly will never bother to read anything else associated with either of them.


    The tragedy is Mr. Bryant loosing so much when an effort to help the cyclist with his illness could have saved both.
    To many dangerous distressed people on our streets make us all potential victims and of corse the press making sensational and unfounded observations…script writting for a B Movie didn’t help anyone.

  • Richard J

    I can’t read this article without the bile in my throat rising to the surface. This man should have been condemned, and should have suffered as he made this poor innocent cyclist suffer. Much like a rape victim, the media and his defence blamed the victim, not the criminal. This whole city is run on who you know and friends in high places. Trust me if Bryant had been cycling along Bloor and struck by a passing car and killed, could you imagine the outrage and sympathy that would have stirred? Shame on these authors not presenting a balanced representation of that night’s events. BTW, was his wife in the car or another woman?

  • Cindy

    Wow lots of angry people. I wonder what you would have done in the same situation?

  • Rita

    Oh, please!! I would have called 911 if I felt at all threatened. Look at the videos on YouTube!!!

  • Lisa

    Darcy Allan Sheppard was clearly ill. All the people commenting on the evil Michael Bryant should be grateful that one night they are not attacked by a mentally ill man. Just because Michael Bryant was wealthy and powerful doesn’t mean he intentionally killed a man.

  • J.M.

    “It was the story of the year! Journalists who had once eaten out of Bryant’s hand turned on him like a pack of pit bulls.”

    I hope it wasn`t Michael Bryant who made the Breed* ID.

    Where is that old tape?

  • J.M.

    Thank goodness for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    Innocent until proven guilty.
    It`s great that ***most*** Ontarians are accorded that Right.

    To those who must prove their innocence….thank Mr Bryant.

    Would he have been able to prove his innocence?
    Fortunately for him he didn`t have to undertake that exercise although he would have had the financial resources to at least make an attempt.

    Many in Ontario aren`t so fortunate.
    It`s unfortunate that there seems to be a 2 tier Justice System in Ontario now.

    Innocent until Proven Guilty.
    A lawyer will be provided if you can`t afford one.


    Guilty until proven innocent.
    Dig deep…you`ll provide your own lawyer.

    Is Michael Bryant really a changed man?
    Does he see anything wrong with that?

  • myra

    Disgusting piece of “journalism.” Indeed, blame the victim, since he is not around to defend himself. Byrant “fighting for his life” – are you serious? Does anyone truly believe Shepherd was going to kill Bryant? What a crock?

    And as for Bryant, is this not the man who condemned thousands of dogs to die because of their “nature?”

    So nice to hear that we all have to accept that Byrant is free and alive and given the opportunity change his nature.

    Funny, thing is all the hundreds of thousands of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in Canada – with their “vicious and violent nature” are responsible for the same amount of human deaths as Michael Bryant.

    100′s of thousands of Canadian pit bulls = 1 human fatality.
    Michael Bryant = 1 human fatality.

    Glad to hear Bryant is going to change is nature -

  • StopCanineProfiling DotCom

    Are you sure the Journalists “turned on him like a pack of pit bulls.”

    Maybe they turned on him like a pack of German Shepherds,Rottweilers,Cocker Spaniels or Golden Retrievers.

    “An argument is sometimes made that, while all dogs bite, only a few breeds cause serious injury when they attack. Again, this hypothesis does not withstand scrutiny. A study by the Canadian hospitals injury reporting and prevention program examined the dog breeds involved in attacks that were serious enough that the victim sought medical attention at one of eight reporting hospitals. The study revealed that 50 different types of purebreds and 33 types of crossbreeds had been involved in the attacks,

    ***the most common breeds being German shepherds, cocker spaniels, Rottweilers and golden retrievers.***”

    Of course they don`t bring in the visitors like a “pack of pit bulls” so I`d say GOOD CHOICE at least in terms of hits and we all know that hits are far more important than truths especially in Ontario.

  • Realist

    How come no one is pointing out that this cyclist was acting in a ridiculous manner. Politics/Payoff aside… if you act like an asshole, bad things usually happen.

  • ajh

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”


  • Kavita

    I’m glad to hear that Michael Bryant was vindicated! When I heard the story- I immediately put myself in his shoes… Its really a terrifying situation!

    As for the people calling him a murderer- shame on you. This guy’s could have been destroyed by a tiny encounter with someone who shouldn’t have been on the streets to begin with… Maybe cyclists should have to be licensed too…

  • Henry

    His wife was with him? I thought Bryant was pulling a Giambrone that night, hence leaving the scene of an accident. And please: this guy has MMA training. he could have taken on a skinny courier.

  • christine

    I hope Bryant is reading these comments and gets the message. Most of us, certainly the ones who have watched the youtube videos and read Peck’s ridiculous brief, are not buying his ludicrous explanation for his actions. And we sure as heck wouldn’t want him in public office again.

    He had already stopped at the crosswalk and was just slowly moving forward when Darcy came along, there was no sudden slamming on the brakes. Why on earth would the car stall? And then lurch forward. And then lurch forward again. The car was inspected and no mechanical problems were found. And then supposedly he drove 30 feet with Darcy on his car because he was scared and looking down and didn’t know Darcy was there. What a joke. The he starts to drive off – hit and run. Who wouldn’t have grabbed onto the car?


  • Liz

    This piece of fluff is more proof of the plutocratic society we are allowing ourselves to be subject to.

    Mr. Sheppard was demonized by Bryant, Navigator, and the press. They achieved what they wanted, the general public bought into it, and the result was Mr. Sheppard’s life meant nothing compared to he successful ex. Atty. General of Ontario. The whole case smelt of corruption, politics, and a smear campaign at its finest. Want the truth people, read the blogs, there appears to be no creditability in the main stream press anymore. This article belongs in the bottom of a bird cage.

    I am one disgusted citizen of Ontario.

  • Gerrard McGuinness

    Wow what a wonderful piece of fiction it will probably become a movie in years to come. Leah McLaren is every bit as bad as Bryant for writing such garbage she is typical of the current crop of reporters who don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. The only truth in this article is Michael bryant was driving the the black saab that killed Darcy Allan Sheppard.

  • Fran C.

    The intitial picture of the woman in Bryant’s car was a blonde and I have yet to see a picture of Bryants wife as a blonde?

    What happened before the accident has never been proven has it? However the video’s at the scene and the initial witness testimonies on youtube were indeed documented.

    The “story” of how the event went down with Bryant’s SAAB stalling and lurching is suspect at the very least. Would Bryant really be driving a car that was in such poor condition and why wasn’t the car taken in before the night of, if it was doing so?

    What I found incredulous was the fact that the dead man was tested for drugs and yet Bryant was not. Is it not usual that the DRIVER be tested and not the victim? Where there might not have been a smell of alcohol, who was to say that drugs or medications were not involved in the deadly altercation or does anyone think that what occured that night was normal? There is a big difference between a bike weighing twenty pounds or so and a vehicle weighing thousands more.

    This whole thing should have gone through the system properly… and if Bryant had a bad year, at least HE has had THAT year! The same cannot be said for the man on a bike who died that night.

    I truly pray we never see this man in politics again.

  • nad

    “like a pack of pit bulls” OMG!!! Dont these people have an editor or something that approve of publishing what they write? Damn right he is going to get away with it!!! ladies and gentleman this man knows the system inside out to get away with anything. Hook ups help too!!

  • J.S.

    Here’s a guy who has connections and thrives on his ability to grease the media’s & political’s social palms. I don’t think Bryant is worthy of anything but a cold cell, a half-empty water bowl, some Ol’ Roy kibble, separation from his loved ones and a death sentence – like the one’s he imposed on Ontario’s “pit-bulls” for the sake of his political advancement(pg. 2). Ew, who does that?

    Creating monsters out of pit-bull type dogs with media-hype (which is equal to racial-profiling and witch-hunting) and then rushing in to “save” the public from said monsters with a province-wide ban – is disgusting (however the staged “new man”/humility photo of Bryant on the 1st page of this article comes close). What a self-serving manipulative jerk – hardly worth the six pages of print, let alone the opportunity to repair his image. I’d like to see six pages in this magazine devoted to animal experts so that true nature of pit-bulls can be shown to the public and Bill 132 can be replaced with Bill 60 (see, and I’d like to see another six pages to re-do this article in a way that doesn’t make a “victimized” angel out of an ASS. TL, do YOU believe the hype? I certainly don’t. Tsk tsk.

  • Robert

    Several questions still remain unanswered. Why did he call Navigator first before calling the police while Darcy was bleeding to death? Why did his wife take off? Why did he run over Darcy’s head with the back wheels of his car after he was already smashed to the ground? Why no breathalizer given to Bryant? Why no bail hearing?

  • Derek

    This whole story makes me sick. How can people get away with things like this? Crazy world when who you know and money can get you into and out off anything you want.

  • Janette Hamilton (Let’s Adopt! Canada)

    Luckily for Mr. Bryant he was able to spin things to his advantage. Not only can he speak for himself, but he also had a myriad of naive supporters to speak for him. Too bad Mr. Bryant did not give pit bulls and their owners the same opportunity when writing his BS BSL laws for Ontario!

    To Leah McLaren who wrote this article: how DARE you perpetuate the myth that pit bulls are viscious. Your statement in the above article; “Journalists who had once eaten out of Bryant’s hand turned on him like a pack of pit bulls.” was uncalled for and erroneous. But then again anyone who writes an article supportive of this scum probably thinks like him.

  • terri kelly

    I cannot believe what I just read. Really, I cannot believe this one side piece of what is passing as journalism.
    But, one thing I did believe was “he chose to listen to his supporters”.
    When Michael Bryant decided to ban all dogs that had a certain look he did not listen to the experts, even though he had promised to. He listen to only those that agreed with him. There were 4 days of hearings, on the morning of the fourth day, without even waiting to hear what these people had to say, Mr. Bryant said that he had heard enough and he now knew he was right!!
    43 experts said NO to the ban, as an example: OVMA, CVMA, AVMA, Canadian Kennel Club, Humane Society of Canada etc. The Safety Council of Canada had come out earlier and spoken out against it.
    Who was for it, well one man wanted “pit bulls” banned because a bull mastiff had killed his cat, another person wanted them banned because they saw a “pit bull” attack a tree. A woman that managed an apartment building in Toronto wanted them banned because she said the residents in her building were afraid of them.
    People came from around the province to speak in the hopes that they would be listen to. Were they? NO. Mr. Bryant would not listen to anyone who did not agree with him then, he will not listen to them now, he admitted it, he only listened to those that supported him.
    My greatest fear is for Mr. Bryant to get back into politics. He is not a good politican, for him it is a power job. He does not do it for the greater good, but for the good of Michael Bryant.

  • Robert

    He may swear that he is a changed man but I don’t believe it. It sounds like he is still as full of himself as ever. He is responsible for the death of a human being and 10,000 dogs and it shows. I see a picture of a man that is full of guilt. Nothing can be done to bring back Darcy but Mr. Bryant does have the ability to admit that the pitbull ban was a mistake ( 10,000 dogs killed but dog bite stats remain the same ) and work on getting the ban scrapped. When the killing of dogs is stopped people will then be able to begin to forgive Mr. Bryant but untill that time he will be living under a dark cloud.

  • Watchdog

    A COMEBACK? ROFL. WHO is calling for Bryant’s comeback; the media? Sure isn’t the people in his old riding, the Liberal party or the public in general.

    While the press might miss quoting this man’s outlandish statement’s others don’t. When the car company’s were in trouble, he wanted a bail out of public funds. Bryant used terms like “Nuclear Freeze” and “Armageddon” to get the funding he wanted. When Bryant talked about banning dogs of a certain type ALL were “Inherently Dangerous” and “Ticking Time Bombs”. However this man couldn’t pick a “pit bull” out on City TV after saying he could “spot one from 50 feet away. He was caught seriously misleading the people on Winnipeg’s bite stats and then “someone” copywrote the video so it could not be shown on air again. Bryant ignored Calgary’s by-laws, the MOST successful City in all of North American where dog bites average 5 out of a hundred thousand, when the North American average is 68 per 100,000 and whose animal by-laws pays for ITSELF through licensing that other cities would LOVE to have.

    FACT: Since records have been taken, in 1961, there has not been a single documented death of a child being killed from ANY of the banned breeds in Ontario or “pit bull type” dogs, although there has been 41 child fatalities in 49 years. MOST deaths occurring in Northern regions by unsocialized long haired working dogs and unattended children approaching them.

    And if anyone believe that Bryant left politics to “try something different” they really can’t read between the Lies”.

    I am amazed that this man has a ounce of “real” creditablity left.

  • DAK

    Hm, so much negativity and hate for one person. I have seen, first hand, the results of pit bull attacks. It’s not pretty. I have also seen, first hand, the terror created by a verbal and physical attack by a stranger. I don’t necessarily agree with the ban of a breed, but banning the owners might have been a better idea. As for his reactions the night of the accident? And folks, it has been deemed an accident, can any of you say your reaction to this cyclist’s outburst and attack would have resulted any differently? I can honestly say that my first thought would have been to get away from him as quickly as possible and if that meant him hanging from my driver side door and eventually falling to the ground, I think my only reaction would have been relief that he was off of my car and I was away from the area. I might have looked back, but only to make sure he wasn’t following me. Certainly not to check for HIS safety! Did this “victim” ever consider the safety of those he harrassed? Nope, probably not. We’ll never know, oddly, I’m okay with that. Stop looking for someone to blame. It happened, he died, this man’s life was dramatically changed, not to mention his family. If you were a good friend of the “victim”, perhaps you should have protested his lack of care before his death and not our lack of caring after. I have been a driver in this city and a pedestrian, I have seen poor behavior from drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Face it, none of us is perfect, ever. So, feel self righteous if you must but why do you feel YOU get to judge anyone?

  • Deb A

    To DAK
    We feel the need to judge since the man was never brought to trial and most facts regarding this case are not known.
    What we do know is that
    he is a powerful, public figure who has proven himself to constantly choose the most aggressive manner in which to proceed regardless of the situation. He has proven himself to Lie when it served him. He has proven himself to choose his own needs politically over public safety. He has proven himself to be reckless in his political life as well as having a “tough guy, macho image” with his boxing hobbies. Now we are not allowed to “judge” him??? Give me a break!

    This article is about his return to politics…we are still trying to live under the pretense of a democracy here in Ontario. I think we have every right to “judge” him, in fact, we have a duty to question this whole tragic situation and we must do it without the luxury of having highly paid professionals to staff these comment sections, face book pages, newspapers, etc.

    “OUR lack of caring after” so you are stating that you don’t care, I judge you to be lacking in empathy, just like Bryant.

  • Named

    To all those questioning the car stalling… He was driving a standard engine. Very easy to stall them. Put it in first gear and just release the clutch. Instant stall. And that is why the police reported he never left first gear. He never shifted up.

    That being said, one of the tragedies is that the police let Darcy leave his gf’s house and gave him his bike, even though he was drunk. Good old T.O. cops.

  • Watchdog.

    The police deemed Mr. Shepard competent to drive his bike home. Again where is the drug tests on Bryant?
    Rumour is Bryant never spent the night in jail but was given a pillow and a blanket and slept in the officers lounge.

    Justice was not served and neither was it even “seen” to have been served. Where was the dangerous driving charge for speeding down Bloor Street? The real truth of what that night will never be known but one thing is REAL. The video of the car lurching and hitting the cyclist and the fact that Bryant drove recklessly down a busy street trying to wipe the cyclist off on every object he could bang him up against.

    Who in their “right” mind does something like THAT?

    Both were men of similar size and stature and apparently have “rage” issues. Bryant has boasted about being a trained boxer. The situation could and should have been handled differently and that much ALL of us know.

  • Susan Green

    Leah McLaren, were you paid by Michael Bryant to write this?

  • Deb A

    Maybe she is on salary with Navigator. Certainly, couldn’t have been hired for journalistic integrity, how can anyone write an account of an event that ONLY three people actually knew, one is dead, and the third may not have even been there, the story read like a cheap novel. It’s sad that this is what “journalists” have reduced themselves to. And she has the nerve to go after the media who did not side with Bryant!
    I guess her loyalties run to a small but powerful few.

  • David B

    Darcy Allan Sheppard was a Class A scumbag. He was often seen drunk in public, blocking traffic, vandalizing private and public property, swearing at people, and throwing garbage. Good Bye!

  • truth matters

    @ David.

    Darcy Sheppard was troubled yes, had problems yes, most young people today will have at least one embarrassing moment, one moment of rage, one moment they are not proud of. While certainly he did not have the privileged life of Bryant, he should have had the opportunity to overcome some of his personal circumstances, and could have seen victory in this life. Sadly, we will never know.

    Darcy Sheppard none the less had a life he was was living, he was cared for by friends,and I am sure cared. Deary Sheppard did know how to work, joke, laugh and love, and did so, was loved & was loved in return.

    No one deserved to die as he did, no one! Bryant’s only immediate concern was his public image, had there been any basic concern in the beginning, just a small act of concern & compassion, like getting out of the car, saying I am sorry, can I help you, could have put that flame of rage out for both of them.

    Sadly, this so called “leader”, lead in a very different way, the action he choice to take, resulted in Darcy’s very violent death. Michael Bryant’s kind of “ticking time bomb” leadership would not get my vote, ever.


    Michael Bryant is a bully and a coward. He talked big, he bullied people in his position as AG, he intimiadated people using his position as AG, he had thousands of dogs killed with his mean and vicious lies, and when someone actually intimidated him back, he almost craps his pants and he can’t run fast enough.
    Sheppard gave Bryant a little taste of his own medicine and Bryant got so scared he ran like a mutt with his tail between his legs, and kills a man in the process.
    When he had power he was a bully – without power we all got to see what the “man” really was – a coward.

  • Brian

    The article is obviously one sided and there is no question that someone else in MB’s shoes would now be in prison. The whole process after MB’s arrest was improper and there are too many question marks, pointing to preferred treatment.

    However, while DAS certainly didn’t deserve to die, that is no reason to pretend that the victim was a saint. Last year a similar reckless cyclist hit a friend of mine, crossing a sidewalk, who finished in hospital with a broken rib.

    I tried putting myself in MB’s shoes and while I would like to think that I would not do the things he did, I am genuinely concerned how I would have handled that situation.

    So we really have two problems here – special treatment for the privileged and control of deranged people whom we see on a daily basis. We should seriously deal with both.

    In the meantime MB’s career (at least in politics) is permanently over, whatever this article says. If (as I suspect) this article wanted to gauge whether MB can return, the results are pretty unanimous.

  • Christine

    I cancelled my subsciption to Toronto Life after reading this article. Disgusting.

  • Marc

    Give me a break about the rich man winning. If I was in my car with my family and some drunken violent dude came at me guess what? I am peeling out of there. I am sorry the guy died but he brought it on himself. He had a history of such altercations.

  • TT

    Marc, you would end up in jail if you did something like that.

    Obvoius paid article. Disgusting.

  • Observer

    Why are the comments so one-sided? Automatically assuming the rich man is guilty.

    Please show me the evidence that Bryant was the aggressor, and the cyclist was the passive victim.

    The cyclist’s aggressive behaviour and terrorism resulted in a terrified driver’s appropriate reaction. He was the one who reached into the driver’s window. Bryant did not goad him on.

    It’s unfortunate the cyclist had to pay with his life, but all evidence points to the obvious fact that this was not the first occurence of his wild behaviour. He was an intoxicated terrorist, and Bryant is the victim. Again, it’s very unfortunate he had to die but look at the other side of the coin, Bryant did not deserve to go through everything he has already gone through.

  • TT

    watch the video

    he hits cyclist throwing him on to hood of his car

    after that cyclist became aggressive(you wouldn’t be?)

    it’s almost criminal miscarriage of justice

  • Jewel Bocks

    It is sad but Toronto has become an unsafe place where innocent people are being threatened on the city streets. All this political correctness is getting you no where Toronto. Expect more of the same for years to come. Stabbings, shootings, and violence of every sort is going to spread over the city.

  • Jewel Bocks

    This is the kind of violence that goes on all the time in Toronto’s streets. Have you ever heard of something called social graces and good manners in Toronto. A car is worth nothing compared to a human life. Are you that worried someone is going to touch your precious cars in Toronto? You are giving yourselves a bad reputation with all the shootings and violence. Not only that, you are often apologists for this, blaming the victims. Is it any wonder why the rest of Canada really loathes Toronto as a city. Not only this, you had the murder of Christopher Skinner, most likely another idiot worried that somebody had touched his precious automobile. This is Canada, and Toronto is ruining this country with all the violence. When are you going to grow up as a city?

  • Robert A.

    Normally I don’t leave comments on internet sites, but this shameful ‘article’ just forces a reaction.

    First I find myself looking for a ‘full disclosure’ paragraph where the author admits to knowing Bryant, or one of his friends, personally. It would be the only reason I could see that may explain this one-sided, fantasy laden, op-ed.

    Obviously no reporting was done here, as the writer frequently wanders off into a fantasy mode, where she takes on the role of what she believes was going on in Bryant’s mind. Simply unbelievable. though perhaps not too unbelievable given the quality and subject of this author’s past pieces.

    This praise of a man who only attended one court date, the one where it had been arranged for all charges to be dropped, who was treated with ‘kid gloves’, who was not even charged with a failure to remain, who who unbelievable this man sickens me and this piece is pure rubbish.

  • Carol G


  • Ingenskitsnak.

    Bryant would need a suit in case his children saw him, and thought maybe something was wrong? Well maybe just maybe, daddy deserved to be seen in trouble! He did after all just kill somebody and killing somebody to those with a conscienc is nothing to be lightly. Lucky for Bryant, he doesn’t appear to be burdened with such a thing. And even if Bryant did get his just deserts – like a prison sentence – unlike Darcy Sheppard’s children, Bryant’s would at least get to see him again.

  • Chris Hockley

    I had a run in with this cyclist years ago…as a witness to his craziness…He ran into a car, on his bike, then after raging at the driver, an older asian gentleman, for about 10 minutes, he picked up a concrete block and hurled it at the car. He missed me by inches…he doesn’t deserve our sympathy. Our sorrow perhaps…but from reports, this was a common occurrence with him.

  • MJ


  • Cyclist

    What a **** head. This man KILLED, people. KILLED another human being. There is no justification for that. 2 tonnes of steel vs a person.

    Michael Bryant I hope you go down in flames.

    And from the cyclist community: If you think this is just you must be the most closed minded, classless idiots out there. I hope your car gets keyed!

  • Darcy Sheppard

    POOR INNOCENT CYCLIST?. To the moron who posted that you are a fool. Simple as that.

  • Cashcleaner

    Hilarious. The courts and police bend over backwards to ensure Byrant is treated like any other citizen would, and even all the overwhelming evidence and witness testimony to support his defence isn’t enough for some people. Some just want to see a rich guy behind bars regardless of whether he did anything wrong or not.

  • easy rider

    “parked his car around the corner”? Isn’t that usually referred to as “fleeing the scene” when ordinary people are involved? Has Bryant considered naming his Saab “CHRISTINE”? Oh, and on being “terrified” didn’t I read somewhere that Bryant is a martial arts master?

  • Fayclis

    Hummm, who was THE blonde who was originally in the car with Bryant then? The orginial picture of her in the car with Bryant did not LIE and is a FACT. The press it seems will print anything for the guy who gave them SO many outrageous “sound bites” at the expense of rationally. So Bryants black haired wife finally left him after things “cooled down”? Wonder if it was really becauseh of the blonde in the car with him at the time of the accident? Love the line on how Bryant OFFERED to take a breathalizer test but was refused? WHAT reasonable cop would do THAT? OH wait, maybe it was the one who put Bryant up on the couch in the officers lounge with a comfy pillow and blankie instead of in a cold harsh cell? OKay so no breathizer but WHY then was a drug test given to the victim and NOT the driver of the car? Our media is pathetic in it’s pandering to politicans. Mr Bryant while YOUR story may be acceptable to the press it is NOT acceptable to a thinking public. Now for the sake of sanity and rationally, PLEASE GO AWAY.

  • Social Advocate

    It seems there were TWO “Ticking Time Bombs” on the streets that night. One riding a bike and the other behind the wheel of a car. One from a privileged background and the other a product of 17 foster homes. Both rageful men met and went “nuclear” together. The guy riding the bike never had a decent chance.

  • fraud watch toronto

    weird that the article makes no light of the fact he went to a convicted fraudster for his advice once he got in jail. i guess he wanted someone who had been in jail too.

    In 1984, Watt was convicted of fraud for forging bank releases and promissory notes to obtain $16,000 in private loans to save the failing Oakville clothing business he had begun as a teenager. He was sentenced to twenty nights in jail. His conviction came to light following his appointment to the position of Director of Communications in the office of Premier Mike Harris and he was forced to resign in 1995 for not disclosing his criminal record and had to resign from a second position he was subsequently appointed to after that appointment became known.[2]

  • Steve Smith

    you would be in jail if you did what MB did

  • lisa

    Not when he was a child, certainly. But as an adult he made poor choices and his life ended abruptly because of it.

  • lisa

    Seriously? There was a blonde? Why doesn’t that surprise me (completely). The marriage was obviously on shaky grounds anyway. The death finished it for them.

  • lisa

    I had a change of heart after reading this article and watching interviews he gave to TVO in 2012….well….mostly a change of heart. No one will ever know the full real story.

  • lisa

    To which man do you refer?

  • lisa

    Good for you to be so candid. Thank God other people came forward on Bryant’s behalf. It would appear many people have had the same awful experience.