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Current Obsession: Tegan and Sara’s new radio-friendly album Heartthrob

Canadian indie music darlings Tegan and Sara released their new album on January 29, and I’ve had it on repeat since. Heartthrob, which buzzes with synths and bass frequencies, is a bit of a departure from the twin sisters’ often-minimlist guitar-driven work. But its the smart, addictively angsty songwriting that’s always drawn the twin’s hardcore fans, and this album is rife with the kind of earworms that we love them for. Right now, my favourite songs are the two underrated bonus tracks, “Guilty as Charged” and “I Run Empty,” which feel like classic T&S (the former contains the awesome hook, “I try everything I’ve ever read, desperate, I still can’t get you out of my head,” and the latter recalls the dark emotional tone 2004’s So Jealous). And if, like me, you wore out the lead single “Closer” by incessantly playing the achingly adorable video while waiting for the rest of the album to drop, make sure to check out these excellent remixes. Tegan and Sara open for Fun at Downsview Park on July 6th. It’s already in my calendar.

Michelle Reddick is the online intern at Toronto Life.