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Dear Urban Diplomat: Should I be embarrassed that my husband stockpiles free food from the airport lounge?

Urban Diplomat: Hunger Pains

(Image: Joel Franusic)

Dear Urban Diplomat,
My husband and I recently bought a chalet at Mont-Tremblant and have been flying Porter back and forth. He is famously frugal and always loads up on free cookies and nuts from the lounge before boarding, which draws nasty looks. What’s the rule when it comes to free snacks?
—Hunger Pains, Leslieville

There isn’t one. But that doesn’t mean he should make like a squirrel hoarding for winter. For the same reasons civilized people don’t pocket baked potatoes at a wedding buffet—i.e., it’s committing two deadly sins, gluttony and greed—he shouldn’t start stashing for the journey. A single carry-on snack is acceptable, but as soon as he starts wrapping food in napkins, feel free to alert the authorities to something suspicious in that man’s bag.

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