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Dear Urban Diplomat: Is it sexist to hold an office holiday party in a VIP box at a Raptors game?

Dear Urban Diplomat: Unsportsmanlike Colleague

Dear Urban Diplomat,
I am one of two women in an office of men, most of whom are diehard sports fans. The holiday party this year is being held in a VIP box at a Raptors game. The venue seems sexist to me. Is it fair to ask my boss to consider a less dude-oriented locale? If so, how do I do it without coming off as hyper-PC?
—Unsportsmanlike Colleague, Yonge and Eg

Do not fly your feminist flag on this one. The choice of venue may be presumptuous, but it’s not sexist. The VIP box would exclude anyone—male, female, trans—who doesn’t like basketball. It’s irritating in the same way that having a holiday party at Medieval Times would be irritating to anyone who doesn’t own Game of Thrones bedsheets. And irritation is not reason enough to demand a change of venue. Feel free to politely let your boss know you’re none too pleased with being subjected to two hours of basketball and that you’ll be ordering overpriced cocktails in lieu of beer. After a few crantinis, you might just be mispronouncing Jonas Valanciunas at the top of your lungs with the rest of them.

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  • wow

    What an incredible bitch.

  • lol

    Besides the Air Canada Centre, what else is on your list of ‘sexist venues’?

  • lol

    Isn’t it a bit sexist to assume that the other woman in the office doesn’t enjoy watching live basketball?

  • cathie

    As somebody who for 10 years worked for the cheapest employer on earth who did squat nothing every year (but could well afford to), I’d be thrilled to be taken anywhere for an Xmas party (well, within reason, and a Raptors game is within reason). Keep in mind that a employer is not obligated to do anything for you, so chin up, you might have a good time.

  • IncredibleBitch

    Urban Diplomat might be forgetting the Raptors Girls, and how much fun it is for women to watch other women shake their butts in the company of male colleagues.

    One other thing: I was at a Raptors game on Nov 25, and the (male) live commentators referred to one of the teams getting “raked.” Then they started giggling about how that word might be misheard, and spelled it out, “R-A-K-E,” laughing the whole time, presumably at the idea of the hilarious word, “rape.”

  • lol

    Taking out the basketball in the background will accomplish what exactly?


    so i guess everyone would be expected to just happily join in at an office party held at an bdsm gay bar , or a nail salon ? OF COURSE it is sexist . duuuuuuuuh

  • noball

    I would totally cringe to go to a sports box for a work party. I would hope that they would choose not to exclude people despite the diehard fans. Having said that, majority rules and if you work in a basketball fan company that’s the drawback.

  • Jon

    Christmas party? What’s that? I worked for one of the richest women in Canada for ten years and she NEVER gave a Christmas party or a bonus to her staff. N-E-V-E-R, and I would have happily gone to a nail salon if that is where she wanted to throw a party. The only concession she made was If the last day of work fell on the 24th she would let us go home mid afternoon…

    If I told you who this woman was, you would be shocked…

  • Kerry

    I don’t care about basketball in the least, but I think it would be fun to go to a party in a VIP box. From what I understand about these “box” parties, the games are almost background noise except for the most diehard of fans.