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Dear Urban Diplomat: Is it sexist to hold an office holiday party in a VIP box at a Raptors game?

Dear Urban Diplomat: Unsportsmanlike Colleague

Dear Urban Diplomat,
I am one of two women in an office of men, most of whom are diehard sports fans. The holiday party this year is being held in a VIP box at a Raptors game. The venue seems sexist to me. Is it fair to ask my boss to consider a less dude-oriented locale? If so, how do I do it without coming off as hyper-PC?
—Unsportsmanlike Colleague, Yonge and Eg

Do not fly your feminist flag on this one. The choice of venue may be presumptuous, but it’s not sexist. The VIP box would exclude anyone—male, female, trans—who doesn’t like basketball. It’s irritating in the same way that having a holiday party at Medieval Times would be irritating to anyone who doesn’t own Game of Thrones bedsheets. And irritation is not reason enough to demand a change of venue. Feel free to politely let your boss know you’re none too pleased with being subjected to two hours of basketball and that you’ll be ordering overpriced cocktails in lieu of beer. After a few crantinis, you might just be mispronouncing Jonas Valanciunas at the top of your lungs with the rest of them.

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