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Dear Urban Diplomat: How do I stop my bridesmaids from organizing a flash mob at my wedding?

Urban Diplomat

(Image: anneh632)

Dear Urban Diplomat,
I got word that my bridesmaids are organizing a surprise 50-person aisle dance for my wedding. Flash mobs were great back in the mid-2000s, but they’ve been done to death. How do I get them to knock it off without looking like a bridezilla?
—Married to the Mob, Downsview

Before you intervene, suss out the song-and-dance number they’re doing. If it involves a gospel choir rapturously singing Al Green’s “Let’s Get Married” while doves are released into the air, you may want to keep your objections to yourself and enjoy the moment. If, as is more likely, it involves One Direction piped through tinny church speakers and out-of-sync dance moves, you’re well within your bridal rights to step in. If your mob-quashing efforts fail, at least insist that the performance happen not during the ceremony but at the reception, where bad music and ironic dancing are the whole point.

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