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Dear Urban Diplomat: My neighbour is a peeper. How do I make him stop?

Urban Diplomat

(Image: brooklyn)

Dear Urban Diplomat,
The houses on my street are close together, and my kitchen looks directly into my neighbours’. I regularly catch the husband peering into my house while he’s doing the dishes. Once, he was watching my TV—I could see him mouthing the answer to a Jeopardy! question. We’ve made eye contact a couple of times. He looks away quickly, as though I didn’t just bust him. It’s harmless, but I’d like it to stop. Should I speak to him about it?
—Kitchen Confidential, Little Italy

If you’re observing your neighbour so closely that you can read his lips, perhaps you’re as guilty of gawking as he is. Counter-peeping aside, there is an easy, time-honoured fix, and it doesn’t involve a doorstep dustup: blinds. If you’re worried about blocking out the sun, get one-way-view panels or layer a few sheer curtains. You’ll send your message and break him of his staring habit, so when you dare to draw the blinds now and again, he’ll be less inclined to look. Maybe you will be, too.

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