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Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
691 Bloor St. W. ,
Toronto , Ontario M6G 1L3

43.663751 -79.417141
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Every restaurant in Koreatown produces its own variation on soon tofu—a bubbling hot pot packed with spicy broth, soft hunks of tofu, meat, vegetables and a whole egg you crack into the stew. The bowls coming out of this scruffy Bloor-and-Clinton spot are the best on the strip. The soup begins as a pork stock, simmered for 24 hours to achieve savoury depth, then finished with thick cubes of tofu, a handful of crunchy kimchee and a diner’s choice of pork, beef dumplings or seafood. The pork and beef options are soulful and rich, though the frozen oysters, squid and shrimp mar the seafood version. The kitchen also makes an excellent bi bim bap, with thick squirts of red chili paste, lots of sautéed vegetables and sticky rice that cooks into crispy paella-like nuggets on the sizzling stone bowl.
Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu


Neighbourhood: Christie Pits

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Does not take reservations on weekends.


Reader Reviews of Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu


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Used to be good but very disappointing... by m kim from toronto on 2013-09-02

Overall Rating: 3.0 (out of 10)
Food: 4  | Decor: 4  | Service: 1

"The one in Korean Town - Food taste OK but no difference in hot level in soup. Terrible services to Korean customer in particular, very dry and not welcoming atmosphere. Definitely losing their reputation due to poor staff training, d owner better watch out cause there are other soon tofu restaurant growing fast nearby. Very disappointing!!"

- m kim

Edit by Nat Lee from Toronto on 2013-08-27

Overall Rating: 9.3 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 8  | Service: 10

"I asked and it's not pork broth but vegetable broth. "

- Nat Lee

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