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Frank's Kitchen
588 College St. ,
Toronto , Ontario M6G 1B3

43.655298 -79.413568
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Husband-and-wife owners Frank Parhizgar and Shawn Cooper have concocted the perfect mix of fancy food, formal service and casual room. ­Parhizgar’s tuna carpaccio-tartare duo, capped by two Mylar-thin taro root chips, is light and modern. His 12-ounce strip loin—aged in the basement for 68 days, sizzled rare and topped with shaved ­truffles—is easily one of the best steaks in Toronto and half the price of similar cuts in the downtown core.
Frank's Kitchen

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Average user ratings (out of 10):


Lovely by Lina from Ottawa on 2014-12-11

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 10  | Service: 10

"Lovely in every way. All time favourite."

- Lina

One of Toronto's best restaurants. by Doug from Toronto on 2014-06-12

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 10  | Service: 10

"I was just googling some of Toronto's restaurants and tried one of my all time favourites, "Franks Kitchen" just to see what came up and stumbled on this review. I can't really make heads or tails of the thread, and it really doesn't matter.

What does matter is that I think Franks Kitchen is one of the finest restaurants in Toronto and the food never EVER disappoints.

Frank and his wife Shawn are hard working, nay, extremely hard working people. Shawn works up front and is very charming and friendly and she has a knack of remembering your name. Frank never leaves the kitchen where you will see him working away day in and day out. Franks is always welcoming, and I've been there many times and taken several friends and colleagues there as well and everyone always loves the food, the service, the wait staff.

As with any restaurant, it always comes down to the food and Franks never disappoints. The food is remarkable, it's fresh, it's all home made and it's unique. From the warm home made bread with spreads to start to the small little freebies that the kitchen sends out between courses, it's always a memorable meal. The food is consistently outstanding. I've been living in Toronto for 20 years and I've always been experimental in trying different restaurants, reading reviews, giving places "a shot". Franks is one of a few that I keep going back to.

I summary, I have always had a great meal and great service at Franks and would recommend it to anyone. (And btw, this is not a shill review, my email is djw64@live.ca if anyone wants to contact me.)"

- Doug


Mistake, yes. But considering circumstances... by Ownership from Toronto on 2013-01-23

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 10  | Service: 10

"Just an add on, yes I agree that he should not have written the details, I think he was trying to show time line that it was impossible for the dinner they had which was one dinner divided between 3 people to not have been finished in the alloted 2 and half hours. It's not right, I agree but after seeing what happened that night, and reading all the crazy reviews afterwards, I can understand the frustation of knowing the truth and not having a voice, because restaurants are not allowed to defend themselves, even in a worse case scenario."

- Ownership

If ony you knew the whole truth. by "Ownership" from Toronto on 2013-01-23

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 10  | Service: 10

"In response to "Wow". In the 3 years that the restaurant has been opened never before have we had such trouble with a guest "Kathleen". In the 300 to 400 guests we see weekly this was the first time a guest has been asked to leave and never come back. There was good reason for this which could include many details, but I will refrain. They made such a horrible scene in the restaurant from beginning to end that the chef/owner actually asked them to leave (also at much prompting from the other guests around them). The other guests actually applauded when they left and offered us their condolences. That's how out of control they were with their very loud insults and ridiculous behaviour. If you check out any other reviews on Trip Advisor, yelp etc. Along with James Chatto, Joanne Kates, Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star etc you will see that "amazing, warm, professional, non pretentious service is mentioned again and again. If you have been to this restaurant you would know how the staff treat the guests like family. It's a big part of the appeal. There is an incredible amount of focus on level of service and is mentioned in Frank's Kitchen reviews over and over. Please understand that these people were asked to never return to the restaurant again. For a restaurant with such a huge focus on customer service and received so many accolades for it... it would only be after great insult to react this way. The post here is minor compared to the 8 different sites that Kathleen changed her name and posted different versions of the same story. The servers have incredible relationships with the clientele. Listen to the word of mouth, if you are an avid reader of reviews, then read the reviews. It's not an accident that FK made all the top 10 lists etc...to get as high as we did, there had to be consistant great service, food and atmosphere! There is a reason they all depict "warm courteous friendly" service, and a reason why these type of angry "reviews" are rare. It seems as if Eddy's response is harsh and granted there is a better way, but it certaintly wasn't aimed just at this one little posting. There were many more damaging ones that this woman wrote, not to mention the abuse and negativity that we tolerated until we didn't. I would invite you to try FK yourself and form your own opinions. Guaranteed you will agree with 95% of the other guests and be blown away at how the servers care for their guests. I find it upsetting that you would ignore the high rating of food an service on all the other reviews and focus on an isolated one to tell your peers about.I am sure once you experienced us, you would really question what terribleness happened for us to actually ban a guest.

This particular server is requested time and time again by regulars. He is more than a server and I can understand his need to finally defend himself after great insult and abuse. This is our home and we have worked extremely hard to build the reputation we have. Our staff is our family, and the guests are treated as family, and I will not abide to having anyone mistreated. And though this post by Kathleen was a minor one, the others were filled with lies. Most of the moderators removed them, realizing that this was isolated and motivated by anger, and I'm sure taking into consideration our reputation of the exact opposite of what was depicted."

- "Ownership"

What an appalling response from a resto staffer! by Ty C from downtown on 2013-01-16

Overall Rating: 5.0 (out of 10)
Food: 5  | Decor: 5  | Service: 5

"WOW. In all my years of frequenting Toronto's fine fare-serving establishments, and conscientiously reading/posting reviews, I have NEVER seen a staff member of a restaurant go online to rip a patron so unprofessionally. Certainly, if true, the original reviewer would be out of line to omit key details that serve as a premise to their review (a danger in reviews that all should consider when reading), posting such a scathing retort and in such an uncouth manner is beyond shocking. Frank's Kitchen had been on my list of restaurants to try, but having seen the way staff apparently look at their customers (or at least the spirit to which they carry themselves), I will be avoiding the restaurant and sharing this story with my peers. Ownership should be concerned with the way their staff has represented them. "

- Ty C

Not true Kathleen! by Eddy L from Toronto Ontario on 2012-12-30

Overall Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 8  | Service: 9

"When your group isn't in, in it's entirety until 40 minutes into the reservation you lose that time on your reso like any other appointment.If you agree to an early sitting be on time. If we have told you that we are squeezing you in on an already exsiting reso at that you need a full 2 hours for dinner, then respect that...you agreed to it and you didn't have to. Was more than happy to book you on another night that is not already booked. How THREE people can't share ONE steak and 2 salads (between them!)in 2 and a half hours is beyond me. Also with time for coffee and one dessert between all of you with 20 minutes to spare. How would you like to be that second seating who booked 3 weeks ahead of you and be told that you cannot sit down because the people before you (who booked that day) on a night that reserves weeks in advance won't leave. So much for diner courtesy. In regards to "stick with simpler fare" like steak, how do you know, as it's all you had. If I recall, because I served you, it was stated a couple of times that you didn't understand the menu and there was nothing for you to eat. So you picked the simplest thing we have, a steak and a green salad. We are diligent about taking care of all of our patrons, the early and the later seatings. Imagine if your table wasn't ready when you arrived."

- Eddy L

Bring a Kitchen Timer to This Kitchen by Kathleen Hanley from Canada on 2012-10-28

Overall Rating: 5.3 (out of 10)
Food: 7  | Decor: 7  | Service: 2

"A solid college street restaurant. Keep to simpler foods like the yummy steak frites. But beware, bring your own kitchen timer as this restaurant is obsessed with strict seating time limits yet seem unable to deftly execute timely service."

- Kathleen Hanley

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