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169 Niagara St. ,
Toronto , Ontario M5V 1C9

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Hidden among King West’s condos, this perfect little place is a happy throwback to a time when a romantic night out meant the burble of Edith Piaf, the flattering glow of candlelight and a leisurely meal that starts with buttered homemade bread. Tobey Nemeth, the disarmingly chummy hostess with a barrette in her bob, once worked at Jamie Kennedy’s much-missed Wine Bar and has a knack for choosing just the right Old World vintage. Michael Caballo, her chef husband, is like the proprietor of a countryside inn, somewhere in Provence or perhaps Catalonia—and, lucky for us, he’s a stunningly talented, proudly old-school chef (there’s not a sous-vide machine in the house). He’s not afraid to pile on rich ingredients: potato gratin loaded with shavings of Italian white truffle or a goat leg, roasted long and slow until the fatty, faintly gamey meat is mild and tender. Best of all, he takes risks on small-batch recipes made with hard-to-find ingredients, like braised cockscomb with sautéed fiddleheads. Caballo’s menu is the sort of thing diehard foodies brag about discovering—and a brilliant change after four years of tacos and burgers.

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Neighbourhood: Niagara

Payment Method: Visa, Master Card, Interac, Cash

Days Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Holidays


Reader Reviews of Edulis


Average user ratings (out of 10):


Awesome !!!! by Sergio from Toronto on 2013-10-31

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: 10  | Service: 10

"My favourite Toronto restaurant !!!!!!"

- Sergio

our waitress was so terrible by eden feldman from toronto on 2013-05-07

Overall Rating: 4.0 (out of 10)
Food: 6  | Decor: 5  | Service: 1

"she rushed us..never explained the menu..realized we were first timers to this place..not worth it. theres restaurants up the street that make this place seem like chucky cheese. "

- eden feldman


The emperor...no...something... by jeff from Toronto on 2013-03-01

Overall Rating: 4.3 (out of 10)
Food: 1  | Decor: 6  | Service: 6

"It's amazing what a hyperbolic review in a big time (for Canada) mag can do...After trying all the main items on the menu I can say without any doubt that Edulis is the most overrated resto in T.O
Flabby chicken (cooked in hay...waste of hay), tasteless rib eye, one of the only chocolate desserts I've had that I actually had to spit out (who knew burnt olive oil wouldn't go with?)...it's shameful that this place is still receiving such undeserved accolades
If I didn't have 3 other friends whom I trust tell me the same thing I'd say maybe it was a bad night but I've decided that, as in all aspects of life, some people (chefs, docs, writers, etc) GET IT, and some do not...and the ones who do not but have some (brief) success must KNOW someone....and I fear that is Edulis....they get marketing, but have no clue about flavour"

- jeff

Amazing by Suhan from Toronto on 2012-07-27

Overall Rating: 10.0 (out of 10)
Food: 10  | Decor: N/A  | Service: N/A

"Having dined at Edulis three times, I can say that each experience was truly outstanding and exceeded my expectations. The constant progression of the menu, selection of amazing ingredients, mouthwatering offerings (ie. chicken roasted in hay), and the service are phenomenal. Easily the best dining experiences I have had in Canada."

- Suhan

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