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Meet the Crackie, a cross between a chocolate-chip cookie and a sack of pork rinds

(Image: Porchetta & Co./Instagram)

(Image: Porchetta & Co./Instagram)

Just when Toronto’s preoccupation with gimmicky hybrid foods seemed to be waning a little, this happens. Porchetta and Co., the pork-obsessed sandwich hut on Dundas West, has debuted a meaty confection called the Crackie: a chocolate-chip cookie infused with flakes of rendered pig skin (i.e. crackling). So far, the cookie has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, proving that Torontonians, like New Yorkers, aren’t the type to let minor food-safety debacles (mass-poisonings, say, or rodent infestations) interfere with their love for slash-y snacks. Those who’d like to get a sense of the Crackie’s interests and temperament before committing to a three-buck purchase can follow the cookie’s personal Twitter account, which exists.

  • cpounder

    It sounds like you are inferring that Porchetta and Co has food safety issues, which the certainly do not. WTF

  • Nick auf der Mauer

    My name is Nick auf der Mauer and I agree w the previous comment. What relevance does mentioning other business’s negativities have anything to do w my business or my new product? If you are going to introduce people to something/someone would it not be fair to do so in a neutral light? PLUS we are giving a portion of the proceeds to global food charities (10%) Hence the 2.95 price tag. Come on Toronto Life! What gives?

  • Bryan

    Completely agree, this needs to be changed immediately. BTW Nick love the work you guys do. Keep up the great work!