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Playa Cabana is opening a third location in May

(Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Not content with merely launching The Junction’s buzziest new spot, Playa Cabana owner Dave Sidhu is opening a third location of his Mexican restaurant and tequila bar this May at 14 Dupont Street. Dubbed Playa Cabana Hacienda, the restaurant’s menu will echo those of Playa Cabana and Playa Cabana Cantina, but with an added selection of wood-smoked meats as well. Hacienda will be the chain’s largest incarnation, with a capacity of just under 140 seats spread over three floors and two patios (as at the Annex and Junction locations, the restaurant will take reservations through its website). Manager Matthew King tells us that if Hacienda is as successful as its predecessors, Toronto taco lovers could easily see a fourth Playa Cabana before long.

  • Raymi Lauren


  • bobbydigitial

    What is with the love shown to Playa Cabana and its offspring? The food is not good and the service is spotty at best. I found the burger at the original Cabana the best thing on the menu but the tacos and corn were terrible.
    The ceviche at the Catina is terrible and the tacos there have no flavour. Why people keep eating there I will never know.
    And why Torontolife shows so much love I can only assume is due to some kickbacks somewhere.

  • Ben Johnson

    All of the people who fill up Playa Cabana with reservations constantly are totally wrong and you, the guy who ordered a burger at a Mexican restaurant, are totally right.

  • Thomas Dembie

    I find the food here to be hit or miss. I’ve had some amazing tacos that I can’t wait to have again, and other dishes that I’d never order again. A good place to eat, but I still prefer Grand Electric and La Carnita.

  • Theresa Lemieux

    The service is ridiculous! Wait a month to get in, can’t get them to answer the phone for takeout – and they are rude to boot! Doesn’t matter how good the food is, if you treat people like crap they won’t keep coming back. Oh and the free supper you promised me after your staff was so rude? Nice that you looked good offering that in public – too bad you refused to follow through in private. Get over yourselves.

  • bobbydigitial

    I agree. I totally don’t get it. But have you been there? Have you tried the burger? Try it, it is great.

  • Joseph

    Ben was being sarcastic. As a ACTUAL Mexican person I will say that the food here is the closest to authentic that I’ve found in Canada. The food has never been bland and I go there at least once a week. Corn is awesome, ceviche not as a big a fan of. Guac is good too. Margaritas – rediculously awesome.

  • rayz

    The new Hacienda is to open on Friday I am told from staff. Much larger and a different menu. Good grief,..can the critics cut this restauranteur some slack? Does a perfect restaurant even exist? The food here is amaziing. I love it. Popular places seem to be a target for negative ,jealous, spiteful, wannabe chefs, writers, etc.
    If you take out the extreme negative and the positive , you are left with wonderful
    truthful reviews of a LOT of very satisfied patrons. I applaud David Sidhu for coming
    up with such inventful, fresh, healthy , flavorful entrees ! Bravo!