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Artisan doughnut shop Jelly is opening a shop on College Street

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Inside Jelly’s Calgary location

Calgary-based Jelly Modern Doughnut is continuing the donutification of the city, opening the first Toronto location of their gourmet doughnut bakery and café at 376 College Street (formerly home to Vinny Massimo’s Pizza and Pasta) this April. Started by sisters Rita and Rosanne Tripathy in 2011, Jelly’s serves fresh artisan doughnuts from locally-sourced organic ingredients in an eco-friendly space. Its Calgary chefs are known for creating a weekly treat based on current events, customer suggestions and social media chatter, and Toronto doughnut aficionados have already taken to Twitter to request locally themed goodies, like the SCTV (“a sweet and enjoyable donut with an awkward, hairy Eugene Levy unibrow”) and the Maple Leaf (“tastes like delicious Canadian maple syrup and despair”). We think they should start with these Canadian-themed sweets from the National Post’s Steve Murray. Justin Beaver Tailer, anyone?