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Keriwa reverts to à-la-carte service

Aaron Joseph Bear Robe at Keriwa (Image: Gizelle Lau)

In October, Aaron Joseph Bear Robe announced that Keriwa Cafe, his critically lauded Parkdale restaurant, would be moving to a tasting menu–only format, in part so that he could spend more time with his growing family. After a few weeks of operating in that mode, however, the restaurant has gone back to à-la-carte service. At Keriwa 3.0, the dishes and the atmosphere are now more casual than they used to be, although the flavours are more or less the same: for example, he’s added a bison burger to the menu (albeit one that’s served on red fife bannock with Saskatoon berry chutney and garlic scape aïoli). Bear Robe says a lot of people expressed interest in the tasting menu, but the interest wasn’t necessarily reflected in the bookings. The change also took place shortly before Keriwa 1.0 was named one of Canada’s best new restaurants by EnRoute magazine, and Bear Robe tells us some diners were flummoxed by the disconnect between what they expected and what was actually offered. As for the promise of spending more time with his children, he admits, “That hasn’t actually happened yet.”

  • Jim


  • MG


  • go away

    this guy has his head so far up his own ass it isn’t funny.

  • Chris

    Can’t say I’m surprised. It was a dumb idea from the get go, and doomed to failure. At least he had the good sense to cut his losses and revert to a la carte before he tanked his restaurant altogether (though I guess it would’ve given him plenty of time to spend with his family).

    All snark aside, I’m glad he’s back. A lot more people will now have the chance to check the place out (including me!), which can only be a good thing for his business.

  • Bob

    Ruby Watchco does it, although their price isn’t too steep, so maybe that’s the ticket?
    But, I often don’t want a 3 or 4 course meal, so I don’t see the appeal, regardless of the price.

  • shakir

    looks good to me

  • cindy

    Glad they are back! GREAT MEALS

  • I say

    Aaron Bear Robe has a huge ego that’s gotten in the way of his talent. He doesn’t play nice with other chefs, and as such continues to alienate himself from the industry with his torrential and temperamental behaviour. He’s a great chef, but because of the truly negative experiences I’ve had with him, I won’t be supporting Keriwa Cafe.

  • runswithscissors

    huge ego, i don’t think he is a great chef at all-a chef is more than a cook-and he may be a okay cook-i’ve never been able to tell…i haven’t been for brunch-only for dinner. but dinner never came-they were out of everything but for soup or salad…chef?

  • Crazy Fool

    Is this man even capable of tasting food considering how much time he spends smelling his own farts?

  • I say

    You’re right. Perhaps then, I should say he’s a good cook, but no chef here.