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Guy Fieri Watch: where the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host is filming in Toronto this week (UPDATED)

Guy Fieri, where will you show up in Toronto? (Image: Kelly B. Huston)

Guy Fieri, the bleached-blond host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives whose Times Square restaurant was memorably skewered by Pete Wells in a recent New York Times review, is in town this week to host the annual Chef’s Challenge fundraiser for Mount Sinai cancer research. While here, he’s filming segments for his Food Network show, which profiles down-home greasy spoons and is beloved and reviled in equal measures. So far, we know Fieri is shooting at Caplansky’s Delicatessen, and that the restaurant is closing for part of Wednesday and Saturday and all of Friday to make way for the cameras. NOW reports that he’ll also be visiting The Lakeview, and we’ve heard rumours he’s making an appearance at The Stockyards as well, although we haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

UPDATE: Alex Sengupta, the co-owner of the Lakeview, told us that Fieri’s crew (sans Guy) was in the restaurant yesterday, and will be by twice more this week, with Fieri himself in tow. He also revealed that the episode will profile six Toronto restaurants, although he didn’t know which ones made the cut. It turns out the vetting process is pretty involved: the Lakeview fielded nine phone calls from producers, some of them as long as three-and-a-half hours.

UPDATE 2: Following a tip from a commenter, we reached out to Hey Meatball, who’ve confirmed that Fieri’s crew is filming at the restaurant this week as well.

UPDATE 3: According to a pair of tipsters, Fieri’s crew has also been spotted at The Ace. Although we weren’t able to confirm it, the restaurant’s Twitter feed does note that they’re opening late for dinner tonight.

UPDATE 4: If this Instragram photo from Steam Whistle is to be believed, The Rosedale Diner is also getting the DDD treatment (h/t our commenter j).

UPDATE 5: And here’s a picture of DDD filming at the Stockyards.

UPDATE 6: These six restaurants were all confirmed to us by Fieri himself in our Q&A. Check it out »

Hear of any other Fieri appearances or sightings? Let us know.

  • bobby

    I was at Hey Meatball this evening and got to the restaurant just as they finished filming. I hear he will be there on Friday.

  • aly

    ha! people still care about this dude? agreed on the sexist, homophobic and anti-ethnic comments, go back to the 90′s from whence you came.

  • just me

    Lakeview? Really? The food there is terrible unless it is 3am and you are drunk. At that point it is still pretty bad but less noticeably so.

  • L Baker

    The Lakeview? What a bad idea. What about great gems like California Sandwiches, or hidden gems in Scarborough or Markham.

  • Melissa

    He should go to the Black Camel on Yonge by Rosedale station or California Sandwiches on Claremount and College – best sandwiches in town. Lakeview food isn’t that great – surprised it was picked!

  • El Bronco

    I feel bad for anyone who has go to the Lakeview sober… I wonder what that’s like.
    I heard Guy Fieri bought a time machine so he could go back to the 90s to find a salon willing to style his hair.

  • Tony DiRaddo

    Got to check out the dairy freeze at the corner of st.clair and caledonia in Toronto, the best if your looking for junk food. Been around for 40 or 50 years plus.Always packed with people who keep comming back!

  • winetime

    word. why would this guy not go to california sandwiches?

    none of these places are real diners, they’re more like diner-themed restaurants… or restaurants in spaces that used to be diners.


  • j

    a picture on twitter showed them at the rosedale diner.

  • pigbag

    go to prohibtion in riverdale/leslieville. proper gastrohouse food

  • cindy

    prohibition is DISGUSTING

  • shakir


  • Josh D

    CHECK OUT THE COMFORT FOOD AT FRAN’S (best comment ever?)

  • roth

    harveys has the best burgers and comfort food , go there guy

    harveys makes a hamburger the way you want!!

    lol wtf

  • myer



  • missymiss

    He was definitely at the Ace. The staff was telling me about it.

  • mmm

    I say California Sandwiches and Dangerous Dan’s if he’s to highlight what the name of the show is all about.

  • disqus_QTvLZHgy24

    IF you didnt go to California Sandwiches youre an idiot. Thats one of theeeee best places in Toronto hands down to eat. Honestly, i cant see any other restaurant being chosen over California sandwiches. The dufferin n castlefield location has theeee best hot table ever, The most amazing eggplanty parmesian you can get in this city, trust me, ive tried others and it doesnt compare