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Theoretical restaurant The Gravy Train offers Rob Ford a new job

In a display of marketing savvy, The Gravy Train, a “gourmet dippery” in the making that’s currently seeking Indiegogo funding, has reached out to embattled Mayor Rob Ford in his time of need. Recognizing that their business idea wouldn’t exist without his signature rhetorical flourish, owners James Applegath and Craig Brissenden posted an open letter to Ford, offering him a volunteer position as a cashier at a charity fundraiser (no word on whether the funds would go to a certain football charity). Of course, the offer is more cheeky ploy than earnest proposal: they admit, in the letter, that other job offers “will appear faster than a speeding LRT” (zing!) and promise to “work like dogs” at the fundraiser (double zing!). Read the letter [Gravy Train] »