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Attention downtown burger fiends: Five Guys is now open at Yonge and Dundas

Ever since Five Guys announced its expansion into Toronto, the city’s burger fiends (and there are many of them) have been champing at the bit for a taste of the Virginia-based chain’s signature smashed patties. On Sunday, the Yonge and Dundas location opened its doors, and it’s been mostly packed ever since, despite locations in Don Mills and Mississauga which have been open for some time now. Five Guys has already dominated the “better burger” market in the States (it has over 1,000 locations), but with a new burger joint opening every other week or so in Toronto, it’ll have its work cut out for it.

Five Guys, 329 Yonge St., 416-591-0404,, @Five_Guys

  • milo

    great location and great burgers (for under 15 bucks a meal)

  • kim

    Just don’t look up the nutritional information on any of their items before you go!

  • MPW

    Worst burgers ever.

  • LR

    Good burgers but still doesn’t hold a candle to Burger’s Priest

  • Dr.N

    WorSt burgers ever?? Please tell me you’re kidding! Pretty sure five guys beats 90% of the so called gourmet burger joints in this city!!
    Top five
    1. Burgers Priest
    2. Five Guys
    3. Stockyards
    4. Holy Chuck
    5. Johnny’s charbroiled

  • Davedigger

    Anyone know if Coran Capshaw has his paws in the Toronto area franchises?

  • Jessica W

    There’s also a Five Guys in Vaughan (Hwy 7 and Weston).

  • chris

    If you ever go to Niagara Falls, look up Taps on Queen. It’s a Brewhouse that offers a 9 oz. organic, hormone free Burger and a Pint for $10 on Mondays. They have their own beef programme and the beer is all brewed in house. Just Sayin’

  • chris

    BTW Dr.N. by virtue of your own list and statement can I assume that math is not your forte?

  • Peter

    5 Guys have good burgers – with decent price. Great choice of toppin and their fries are very good, specially the Cajun style one…

  • Won’t Be Back

    So overrated.

  • paloma

    I find that being new they should try to attract customers not do the opposite. They charge 8 bucks before tax just for the burger!! i was shocked that didnt come with fries or a drink! companies are getting so cheap and a rip off.. Also I could have gone to the pickle barrel and gotten hamburger fries and coleslaw at a better price in a sit down resturant!! will not be returning for these prices. Also, they say free toppings…ok but expect, fries or a drink would be better then 2 pickles, piece of lettuce and half a tomato slice!