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Chef Jean Paul Lourdes is out at Shangri-La’s Bosk

We first told you back in August about Bosk, the new upscale restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel (no relation to the sprawling Momofuku complex next door). Although the place opened quietly in September, it turns out it’s already lost its executive chef, Jean Paul Lourdes, barely a month into operations. A representative of the hotel confirmed a rumour circulating on Chowhound concerning Lourdes’s departure, although she stressed that “Jean Paul was with the project for a year as the culinary architect, putting the menu, suppliers and techniques in place,” and that the team he pulled together, as well as the meticulously designed menu, still stands. For his part, Lourdes has apparently returned to Asia, never to be photographed by the Toronto food media.

  • citizenkane

    what a joke the restaurant scene in toronto is/\/

    surprise surprise

  • Jeff

    2 months later… Way to stay on top of things Toronto life. Idiots

  • Sandra

    What a shame to loose such a talented chef so quickly, Toronto needs more chefs of this caliber, how can this happen

  • John

    Why is is that all the great chefs leave???? I agree with Citizenkane, the Toronto food scene is a joke. No wonder the chef left!

  • lori

    Ate three meals there – he certainly did not show well and ShangriLa is wise to trade up with his replacement.

  • Jeff

    I also ate here a couple of times, and enjoyed the intensity of the chefs cooking, there is always lovers and haters, look at the reviews for momofuku, people choose to leave negative comments, I don’t believe it’s personal to the actual chef, I’m sure David Chang can still make a killer ramen

  • Charley

    I met this chef at madrid fusion 2 years ago, very talented cook, and was a pleasure eating his food, clearly the wrong chef for the Toronto market

  • Shaun

    I heard from a few chefs at Momofuku he has gone back to Asia to open his own place, there was a lot of hype circulating about his food, shame he left in such a hurry, the Toronto food scene never really get to experience it
    As the article says everything is still in place, lets hope it still has that wow factor

  • rich

    apparently the chef left after management told him to change the menu’s, not sure if thats true or not, I dined here a few weeks ago with some friends from New York, who say the food was similar to Eleven Madison Park, I wouldnt change the menu either.

  • jeff

    i interviewed with the chef. He was condesending and asked if I ws close with my family. He then told me that I would not see them much as I will be working 6 days a week.The totonto scene is so fickle and getting an interview in a decent place is hard.Why would you have a asain concept restaurant as bosk next to momofuku. What a poor decision by management and competition with yourself as a brand.


    mmmmm Jeff …bitter much?

  • Rachel

    Maybe is wife found out about is Plenty of Fish profile he had while
    living in Toronto. Claiming to be a “Biologist” named Taylor/Tyler.
    Although I chatted/texted with him for about a month, we never met up
    for a date (he creeped me out), neither of us could have predicted that
    our paths would cross on the professional front (I’m an event planner).
    Let’s just say it was awkward…