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Keriwa Cafe moves to an all-tasting-menu concept

Aaron Joseph Bear Robe at Keriwa’s pass (Image: Gizelle Lau)

Last year, we named Keriwa Cafe, the new Parkdale spot from chef Aaron Joseph Bear Robeto our list of the 10 best new restaurants in Toronto. Yesterday, Bear Robe posted a letter on the restaurant’s web site announcing that this Saturday, October 6, will be Keriwa’s final à la carte service. No, it’s not closing down—instead, it’ll be serving tasting menus, which will change monthly, on select evenings only (The Grid is reporting that these will take place every Saturday and cost $300, all in). On other nights, the space will be used as an event venue, in a move that echoes Guy Rawlings’s recent announcement that he’s opening an event space and “food lab.” Those hoping to taste Bear Robe’s celebrated homage to Aboriginal cuisine at a lower price point should hoof it to OpenTable before it’s too late. [Keriwa]

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    i hope it disappears from the landscape….

  • Chris

    $300 for a tasting menu all in? Only on Saturdays? Guess he really wasn’t interested in running a restaurant after all. I wish him luck, but I really question if those changes are gonna fly out in Parkdale.

  • opl

    Whether it’s in Parkdale or Rosedale, $300 is reaching for the stars regardless of what’s on the menu.

  • Cathy

    What a great idea. I can’t wait to taste the new menu. Aaron’s food is the best that I have ever tasted. So sad that people are so not willing to reach for the stars. I am! !!! I am excited for the new venture.

  • Al

    Way to go!!! Change is hard for people but I do see what you are trying to do and your food is worth every penny. I also know with the drought in US that this is difficult and that quality food costs money. Good Luck Aaron Bear Robe on your new dinning experience. I am definitely in.

  • Parkdale joe

    I would to make a correction, the price is posted on the Keriwa website: it’s 200 dollars all in not 300.

  • OrganicQueen75

    I recently saw the article posted on his website an was kind of excited about this new tasting menu option. They serve local, organic and season food that’s pretty exclusive. 200 dollars for quality food especially a tasting menu is not unheard of. I have paid more in the past at other restraints. I think this new ” direction” Chef Bear Robe is taking is a step up in the right direction. I can see why some people are upset and personally i am too because i will miss coming in on a wednesday or thursday but now am looking forward to the tasting menu experience. I probably won’t be able to come in frequently due to price but when my husband and I want to go out and do something special we will probably end up doing that.

  • OGf65

    Yum… Can’t wait to try it!!!!

  • peachyJojo

    This entire thread has nothing to do with the article, looks like some people have been drinking too much haterade and need to find another way to take up their personal problems. Seriously! Go see a therapist…

    I do have something related to say on the other hand, fist of all I am confused is the price 200 or 300, does this include wine pairings or not?
    Second of all does the price change if you are a vegetarian?
    Maybe i should be calling the restaurant to clarity, which I will tomorrow.
    Either way I am looking forward to a 13 course tasting menu mmmmm….

    Keep the good food comin’!

  • hElLoMaison10

    This guy’s food is AMAZING!!

  • Ken

    I found the food of high quality, but overpriced. The atmosphere, tableware, and service didn’t match the $30-35 mains—it all was too casual. $200 for a tasting is reaching.

  • Parkdelite

    I am a big fan of his food and wish him best of luck but this is not the refinement level or the venue to command this price point. Once the buzz dies down and Holiday season blows over we will be reading about the launch of his new à la carte menu…

  • Sneakybill

    This is hilarious. Some of the best chefs at the best restaurants in the city with crews of 20 or more are charging far less than this, for more courses, with much more effort and complexity in their food. The only people that will be dining here will be food and restaurant critics before it closes permanently. It’s almost as if he’s elected to sabotage the restaurant intentionally.