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The latest entrant in the upscale pizza wars: Pizza Pizza?

(Image: Pizza Pizza)

Trends probably shouldn’t cycle this quickly. Only four years after Pizzeria Libretto first opened its doors, setting off a thin-crust craze, Toronto is now awash in Neapolitan-style pizza, with opening after opening after opening (yes, Terroni was there first, and of course there were isolated other places serving the stuff around town). But now things are getting absurd: in a press release, Pizza Pizza just announced it’s launching its own line of thin-crust pizzas. The chain appears to be attempting to punch above its weight, promising them to be “as artisanal and gourmet as what you would find in a high-end dine-in pizza restaurant.” Twelve varieties of pizza have been rolled out, including a conventional Primavera and the somewhat out-there Sweet Chilli Thai, using ingredients that actually sound pretty good: cipolline onions, smoked provolone and roma tomatoes, to name a few. We keenly await the judgement of this city’s pizza-philes.

  • tony

    Pizza pizza…is really the ‘junk food’ of pizza. I wish this chain would just go away….and take Domino’s, Gino’s, Pizza Nova, Pizza Hut & Pizzaville with it too….Pizza generally is a simple, wholesome, inexpensive quasi-peasant food but these chains cheapen it to the nth degree.

  • danielle

    Not to mention the Pizza Pizza street presence is a complete eyesore. They shouldn’t be allowed to take over handsome old bank buildings and crap all over it with their atrocious orange and white signage. Just awful.