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VIDEO: Vice’s Munchies series takes a look at The Black Hoof

Munchies is a Vice web TV show in which the producers basically hang out with a bunch of hipster restaurateurs and chefs as they carouse, drunkenly or otherwise, around their city (highlights include a day at the beach with the Momofuku Milk Bar staff and Eddie Huang’s foul-mouthed tutorial on the right way to eat soup dumplings). Vice recently dropped by The Black Hoof to chat with Jen Agg and pals for the show’s first foray into Canada (and more Canadian episodes are apparently on the way). Highlights include Grand Electric co-founder Ian McGrenaghan’s shirtless stomach, a discussion of whether the restaurant biz is a “chauvinistic douchebag industry” (hint: it is), several shots of Pappy van Winkle bourbon and a cocktail from Cold Tea that gave Agg a “headache” in unmentionable body parts.