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Momofanboys and girls: the Toronto Momofuku Noodle Bar is now open

(Image: Gizelle Lau)

After months of giddy anticipation, the big day is finally here. That’s right, the long-awaited Toronto outpost of Momofuku Noodle Bar, David Chang’s wildly popular and influential New York restaurant, is open. The other big news is that reservations are now available for Shoto, the tasting menu–only counter restaurant. According to the restaurant’s website, the noodle bar’s hours today are 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Good luck getting in (we mean that sincerely).

Momofuku Noodle Bar, 190 University Ave.,

  • Lamis Dantas

    So looking forward to this…Yummy!!

  • Hermes Addict

    Pls update your reporting……Momofuku Noodle Bar Toronto does not take reservations. Walk-in only.

  • Toronto Life staff

    Hi Hermes Addict,

    You’re right: only Shoto takes reservations, and we did not mean to imply otherwise. We’ve clarified the post.

  • jean alain

    After less than 24 hour I got a reply back from Momofuku they didn’t know the opening day and today I found out in the New York times and twitter they open today…. Great way to keep your Momofanboys in the loop of your opening specially when they spend Thousand of $$ in Momofuku in NY! great start!

  • hillcrest

    jean, you are the man.

  • MissRezo

    Noodles? With countless asian and fusion restaurants in Toronto, why would I want to line up and pay so much money for noodles when I can get authentic noodles at Dundas & Spadina?

  • tdesap

    Miss Rezo, apparently you don’t understand, not have ever been to Momofuku. Poor thing
    Jean, it is called a “soft” opening in the restaurant biz.

  • jean alain

    Tdesap, I will let you know if I get an email back from Momofuku with the opening day! Will see how they take care of customers.

  • kailun

    If you go, it will be nothing but disappointing. “Soft” opening, growing pains, new restaurant “kinks”—call it what you want. The ramen broth lacked flavour, though the noodles were decent in texture and taste. The “famous” pork buns were dry and underwhelming. Ironically, the best part of the meal in a “noodle bar” were the chicken wings. How did you come all this way, with so much buzz and fanfare, only to be so… Mediocre? As David Chang said so himself, in the Toronto Star, “You’re either going to love us or hate us”, I definitely didn’t love you.

  • Dinosaurs4Life

    TDESAP, it’s people like you that make comment boards such a toxic environment. I’m as excited as the next person for David Chang’s Toronto venture. But do you really need to pity and correct your fellow Torontonians? Probably not. Ease up, there’s no need to anonymously flex your ego for the rest of us unenlightened souls who don’t recognize a soft opening when we see one or work outside the restaurant “biz.” And could Miss Rezo not be correct in assuming there are equally good noodles in our great city?

    You might also assume I “not have ever been to Momofuku” either, and you’d be right.

  • EatAtTheBarGuy

    wow, living in the US I’m used to the petty, anonymous wisecrackery and nastiness, but I have always seen better from our northern neighbors. It’s this lack of civility that is ruining our country, hope you can avoid it up your way.