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Check out the new 31st-storey terrace at the Trump Tower’s Stock restaurant

(Image: John Narvalli)

Toronto doesn’t lack tall buildings, but precious few of those buildings have restaurants or bars up in the heavens, let alone outdoor ones. Tomorrow, the Trump Tower’s Stock is unveiling its 31st-floor terrace (full name: Terrace at STOCK Restaurant Bar and Lounge), which is open-air, though a massive glass wall will keep tipsy diners safe. Given that the Trump is an official hospitality partner for TIFF, and that it’s situated between the Elgin and Ryerson Theatres on one side and the Lightbox and King West party hub on the other, it’s a pretty safe bet there’ll be celeb spottings here, either on the terrace itself or looking down on the streets below.

  • Suzy

    TRUMP the person, TRUMP the name, TRUMP TOWER so yeterday and no one is buying and whoever bought regretted this overpriced & overhyped, STOCK—-> SO yesterday with overpriced bad cocktails. PASS!

  • G.

    And full of coke-addled hookers (of both sexes) seeking Walking ATMs.

  • Ricky Lahey

    Not all the hookers are coke-addled. But the second half of the comment is fairly accurate, G.

  • BG011

    I heard this place is finished and they haven’t even been open for a full year…

    Toronto: Mr. Trump

    The Donald: Yes TO

    Toronto: You’re FIRED!

  • Herman Dusso

    the party is over….burn the building

  • dave

    tough crowd.

  • Dave F

    Wow, the unwashed masses have been busy on this comments thread! This hotel, and restaurant are a great addition to the city!