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Are Canada’s nicest washrooms really at Earls and This Is London?

(Images: Earls and This is London)

For the last couple of years, Cintas, a company that makes everything from worker uniforms to restroom supplies, has run a contest to determine Canada’s Best Restroom. The august purpose of this competition is “to recognize establishments that place high value on hygiene and style in their public restrooms.” Last time around, the marble-clad palace of E11even ascended to the vaunted throne, with second place going to the Allstream Centre. This time, there are again two Toronto establishments on the short list of five nominees: Earls and This Is London (voting is open now on the contest website). To be honest, we’re a little surprised that the best bathrooms in the city come courtesy of a West Coast–based chain and a club whose name makes an assertion that’s patently false. Is this really the best Toronto has to offer? Perhaps readers of The Dish could suggest a few alternatives.

Let us know your favourite Toronto washrooms in the comments!