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Opening soon at the Shangri-La: Bosk (no relation to the four Momofuku joints next door)

It’s no secret that David Chang’s Momofuku is opening up adjacent to the Shangri-La Hotel, and that Toronto diners are kind of excited about it. But it turns out there’s a restaurant set to open inside the hotel-condo complex itself at the end of the month, and that restaurant is called Bosk. The chef, Jean Paul Lourdes, may not be as well known as Chang, but judging from a profile by Amy Rosen in the National Post, he seems like a pretty interesting character. Not wanting to distract from the food, Lourdes refused to be photographed for the piece—except for a mysterious snapshot of him outfitted in a Red Sox hat hovering over a dish (a refreshing move when so many chefs prefer to mug for the TV camera). Lourdes soon might not have a choice in the matter, however: with a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Tokyo, a rule that his kitchen staff must operate in pretty much dead silence (“If you need to say more than two words, you write it down on piece of paper and hand it to me”) and a dish he calls Savage Beauty (it draws inspiration from the late Alexander McQueen), this fella might not be able to keep out of the spotlight much longer. Read the entire story [National Post] »