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These are the top 10 most-Yelped restaurants in Toronto

The Stockyards ranked number two in the list of Toronto’s most-Yelped restaurants (Image: Evan Goldenberg)

Since 2004, Yelp, that great leveller of food criticism, has been empowering ordinary diners and frustrating professional critics and restaurateurs in equal measure. Earlier this week, they announced the results of a little data mining, which revealed that Vancouver was the city with the most Yelp check-ins (Toronto ranked second) and that Guu, on Church Street, was the most photographed spot in Toronto (Vancouverites, those outdoorsy types, preferred to shoot their oh-so-lovely Stanley Park). They also revealed that Ossington’s Pizzeria Libretto, with its ever-long lineups, is the most Yelped (i.e. most-reviewed) spot in town (it currently has 207 reviews and a four-star rating). We thought we’d ask what the next nine most Yelped places were, and the good people there were happy to oblige. Below, the full list of restaurants and bars, with more than a few surprises:

  1. Pizzeria Libretto
  2. The Stockyards
  3. Beerbistro
  4. The Black Hoof
  5. Mother’s Dumplings
  6. Rol San Restaurant
  7. Caplansky’s Delicatessen
  8. C’est What?
  9. Sneaky Dee’s
  10. Terroni
  • Jake Adams

    Which restaurants are surprises? Why are they surprises? Why should the reader have to figure that out? This is borderline lazy.

  • Lemmiwinks

    Umm… Andrew? Where are you getting these statistics from? I think you need to do more research.

  • Jessica

    This article is very poorly written. I’m disappointed.

  • Svetlana

    It’s almost as if we might be surprised by different things?!

  • jaydee

    Never understood Caplansky’s being highly rated. It’s sometimes good but never great. The corned beef is most times dry, and way over salted. When you ask for medium fat you get chunks of fat & very little meat. Tried them on Clinton. Very disappointing. Gave them another chance on College. Worse. Never again.

  • jacsc14

    Lemmiwinks – article clearly states that the info was requested from and provided by Yelp.

  • Mark

    VERY badly written. There is the usual Toronto Life snarkiness/humour BUT the restaurants were not explained. Why are these particular 10 yelped so much? Not good.