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Mississauga bans shark fin products, for real this time

As of June 30, Mississauga’s shark fin by-law officially comes into effect. After jumping the gun the first time, Mississauga has come up with an official action plan detailing the specifics of how the by-law will be enforced, and so is set to join Toronto in prohibiting the possession and sale of shark fins, along with their derivative products. In a press release, director of enforcement Mickey Frost stated that infractions of the new by-law will be investigated on “a reactive basis in response to complaints.” Any initial infractions will result in a slap on the wrist and an educational lecture on the rules, with continued infringements potentially leading to a charge. Perhaps in light of the quick repeal of the original ban back in December, Mississauga council is being particularly thorough this time around. In addition to the enforcement action plan, council set forth motions to request that Health Canada prohibit the import of shark fins and shark fin products, and to rally support from other municipalities in hopes of joining forces to lobby the federal government to get behind the ban. We imagine that somewhere, Richard Branson is tipping his hat to you, Mississauga.

(Image: Warren Noronha)