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Reasons to Love Toronto: No. 5, because these 21 new businesses opened on Roncesvalles

Reasons to Love Toronto: No. 5, Because 21 new businesses opened on Roncesvalles

Every weekend, the sidewalks of Roncesvalles Avenue are jammed with strollers, tethered dogs and couples in heated debate over which of the six new brunch spots is worth the lineup. It’s a frenetic scene few west-enders could have imagined a year ago, when construction cut off transit to the strip and struggling businesses seemed to close every other week. The sewer mains and streetcar tracks were finally replaced last spring, and the empty spaces left behind filled up in a whirl of openings. The new low-key restaurants and shops blend in effortlessly with the old-school produce stands and Polish butchers. And promising, papered-over windows spark constant neighbourhood speculation. Here, a tour of a street in triumphant transition.

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  • impeachford

    the title is misleading…some places haven’t opened yet (hey meatball 2) and some places have already closed (maquerade waffles has already closed and is becoming a wing place)

  • jaydee

    Don’t know what TL has against pet stores. There have been numerous articles in TL for new openings on Ronces but Fetch has never been mentioned.

    Fetch is the eco-friendly one-stop-shop for all things Fido. They offer grooming, walking, boarding, daycare and only the best, most healthy earth-wise products. Most of their products are either made locally or made in Canada and all of their products are good for you, your dog and the earth.

  • Gabby

    Roncesvalles has always been one of T.O.’s coolest streets. By all means try the new places but try some of the older polish restaraunts, bakeries and deli’s…, the best doesn’t always look the trendiest. I’ve always loved Roncesvalles <3

  • Ben

    Friends: you got the photos and captions switched up for numbers 5 & 6 in the photo slideshow (Roncy’s Bean and Green Light District).

    Your unpaid editor,