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Gilead to shut down dinner service to become an evening event space

At the heart of Jamie Kennedy’s ever-expanding and  ever-contracting empire is his headquarters and production kitchen at Corktown’s Gilead Café and Bistro. But starting June 15, Gilead will re-launch as an evening events space, meaning there’ll be no more regular dinnertime bistro service. New programs include Cooking with Cooks and Dinner Jazz, which will join the existing Local Food Movement Dinner Series. Kennedy fans probably won’t see this as a big departure: Gilead has hosted plenty of foodie events over the last year, including a recent Spring Feast and a tapas-filled Evening of Spanish Gastronomy. Plus, it seems as though the city collectively drools over just about any kind of food event or festival that goes beyond mere in-restaurant eating these days. Your last chance to eat at the bistro will be June 9, and future events for Gilead will be up on the event space’s calendar.