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Must-Try: an offbeat dessert (it has foie gras) that’s worth its $25 price tag, from The Black Hoof

Must-Try: Two Toast Toppers

Two toast toppers—one lowbrow, one luxurious—come together in the Foie and Nutella, The Black Hoof’s most inventive dessert to date. A seared, darkly caramelized three-ounce slab of duck liver arrives sparkling with Maldon salt. The liver is perched on a slice of banana bread that’s been baked in rich buttermilk custard until it’s as dense and creamy as bread pudding. The plate is streaked with Nutella, sprinkled with crumbled hazelnut shortbread cookies, dotted with sherry-rosemary gastrique and finished with peppery lovage cress. Rich, sweet, salty, sour, creamy and crunchy, the bizarre combination of ingredients is a revelation. $25. The Black Hoof, 928 Dundas St. W., 416-551-8854.

  • Miriam

    Had it. Loved it. Would do it again. :-)

  • s

    Looks delicious. Inspired by Au Pied de Cochon’s Plogue Champlain, no doubt.

  • A.Magee

    I am DISGUSTED in this day and age that some people are still eating Foie Gras and “Foie Nutella” as this jackass calls it.
    The ducks/geese are confined with disregard for the pain and suffering inherent to foie gras production.
    Ducks and geese are force fed grain with tubes shoved down their gullets until their liver swells to 20-30% of the bird’s healthy body weight.
    Not surprisingly, it’s at this restaurant where they also sickenly enough, serve horse meat – in Toronto !! Horse meat contains carcinogenic substances from routine drugs that horses are treated with. Enjoy your cancer bub !!! Horses are not raised as food animals (nor should they ever be), they are racehorses that don’t win any more, or PMU mares that have outlived their usefulness to make birth control drugs.
    Support Bill C-322, the private-member’s bill was introduced by MP Alex Atamanenko, says “horses are ordinarily kept as pets for sporting and recreational purposes” and horse-meat products “are likely to contain prohibited substances.”

  • taster

    It’s a matter of choice, you eat or you dont. Nobody has any right to impose thier thoughts on somebody else. It’s a free freaking world Magee… Guess nobody told you that..

  • taster

    I ate at this place and it was wonderfully delicious, and if you are disgusted by it, then your life truly sucks!!!!
    Guess you would never know what you are missing in life… Take your veggies and stuff them, you know where!!!! A Meat Lover

  • Nikki

    @taster – If there’s a market for foie gras and horsemeat, then yes, people will continue to sell it, and people will go on eating it. I think Magee is expressing her frustration at the lack of INFORMED choice that is factored in to people’s decision on what to eat vs not eat. I’m a HUGE meat eater…I love meat. But the choices I make as a consumer have huge socio-environmental effects – and in a world of now 7 billion people, we need to start recognizing that. I think people should make the decision to eat sustainable food at least. It’s not a matter of imposing beliefs, it’s about bearing some freakin’ social responsibility! And if you don’t get that, then your life sucks!!

  • mmm

    I’m not sure I would want to waste a piece of foie gras slathering it with Nutella.