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Momofanboys and girls: we have a date for the opening of Momofuku Toronto

It’s not as though we’re excited or anything... (Image: Arnold Gatilao)

Earlier today, the good people at Grub Street posted a Q&A with Momofuku chef and owner David Chang, where he dropped several details about his upcoming Toronto ventures, including the most important: the opening date of July 28, which, if you’re inclined to start counting things, is 94 days away. (See update below). There will be either two or three different Momofuku concepts in the building adjacent to the Shangri-La, with the bottom floor called Lucky Peach and the top called Daisho (the middle seems up in the air), and apparently, upwards of ten people will be moving up from New York to run the place. Oh, and Toronto is apparently both “an awesome town” and “a lot of fun.” So there’s that too. Read the entire story [Grub Street] »

UPDATE: We just heard from Momofuku’s PR rep, who tells us that the opening, in fact, will be “by August 2012,” which gives them up to 34 extra days of leeway.