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Weekly Lunch Pick: the signature sandwich at Dundas West’s Porchetta & Co.

A porchetta sandwich with rapini, truffle sauce, Parmesan, hot sauce and mustard (Image: Andrew Brudz)

Since it opened on Dundas West in December 2010, Porchetta & Co.’s iconic pig logo has been a beacon to meat lovers looking for a quick fix. Each day, a steady stream of customers lines up (sometimes out the door of the tiny sandwich shop) for Nick auf der Mauer’s do-one-thing-right menu focused around his pork triple threat: marinated pork shoulder that’s wrapped in prosciutto then wrapped in cured pork belly, all of which is slow-roasted until the whole thing is melting (see the informative infographic on their website). The house specialty porchetta sandwich ($6.45, plus extras) piles a four-ounce dose of the stuff on a sourdough roll, right before your eyes. We add sharp Kozlik’s mustard, hot sauce, freshly grated Parmesan (95¢), creamy and smoky truffle sauce (75¢) and, to alleviate the meat-guilt, some rapini (75¢), before parking it on one of five vintage stools and savouring each rich, spicy and crackly bite. If you’re passing by from 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. on a Saturday, don’t miss the breakfast variation with a fried egg.

The cost: $15, including tax, tip and a Boylan’s Creme Soda ($2.45)

The time: 10 minutes to make it, 10 minutes to devour it.

Porchetta & Co., 825 Dundas St. W. at Euclid, 647-352-6611,

  • opl

    $14 for a sandwich for lunch, no thanks.

  • Shar

    This was the best sandwich I’ve ever had! All the flavours were incredible, packed into on sammie. Even better is the breakfast version on Saturdays! I’m drooling as I type this! I find the price totally reasonable for such luxury!

  • Welshgrrl

    I had one of their sandwiches for half that price – no extras/sides, just hot sauce and mustard – delicious.

  • BG011

    Porchetta Porchetta nobody does it better.

  • Michael

    Definitely doesn’t need all those extras — the sandwich is pure, porky goodness as-is, with just a little olive oil sprinkled on top. With those five (!) extra toppings, you’re completely drowning out the pork taste.

  • Methinks

    whoa…that looks wicked

  • mmm

    I can’t wait to finally try their sandwich! Don’t know if I want all those extras to ruin the pure pork taste though.

  • abruzzo

    porchetta porchetta my grandfather does it best