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The Saint is finally, really, seriously, actually going to open on Ossington

In 2009, we predicted that The Saint would bring “some King Street style to the Ossington strip.” But any excitement over that possibility proved short-lived, and by 2010, we were calling it the last “mystery resto” on Ossington. You see, no measure of hype for the Saint could speed up the opening process, which was apparently marred by licensing complications with the city. (Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time the folks at City Hall got in the way of a good time.) According to a post by Corey Mintz, owner Peter Tsebelis uncovered an extra 100 square feet of space in the restaurant’s basement. A building inspector was cool with their addition, but the city wasn’t, prompting a long descent into licensing hell (it’s been such a complicated process that Mintz opted for six “O”s in the word “long” when describing the delay). But now, apparently, the place is finally finished construction, has all the necessary licenses and is fully staffed. It will open on April 9. Finally. (We hope.) Read the entire story [Eat] »