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Queen Margherita Pizza to get into the delivery business with Full Blooded Italian Pizza

West-end partisans of Queen Margherita Pizza have often lamented their trek across Queen Street for a taste of their favourite pie. In about a month, however, they’ll be able to get a Queen Margherita–style pizza delivered to their doorstep with the launch of sister restaurant Full Blooded Italian on Lake Shore Boulevard West.

We spoke with co-owner John Chetti, who told us the goal is to offer “the ultimate delivery pizza that we can possibly put forth.” While the original restaurant cooks its pies in a wood-burning oven, the thin, flash-baked crust wouldn’t hold up to delivery. Full Blooded Italian (FBI Pizza for short) will use high-heat electric ovens to create a similar texture in a more stable form. Pizzas come in two sizes: “Big” and “Bigger.” The choose-your-own-style menu offers familiar delivery toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms) as well as some premium options (like thin-sliced prosciutto di Parma), along with salads and sandwiches. The delivery range is yet to be determined, but Chetti’s hoping for a 10-kilometre radius.

Full Blooded Italian’s opening on the west side of town, at Lake Shore west of Park Lawn, constitutes something of an incursion on Pizzeria Libretto’s turf, according to the Globe and Mail (although the two are about eight kilometres apart). When asked about the supposed rivalry, Chetti laughed. “Look, we’re in competition because we do the same thing,” he said. Still, he couldn’t help but poke a little fun at Libretto’s claims to authenticity—particularly their touted certification from international pie police Verace Pizza Napoletana. “At the end of the day, one thing and one thing only matters: the pizza,” said Chetti. “At Queen Margherita, we’re all about authenticity. But that’s something we give ourselves, not something we let other people give us.” Meanwhile, Libretto is finalizing preparations on its Danforth location, with plans to open later this month.

Full Blooded Italian was initially slated to open in the summer, but issues with Toronto Hydro delayed renovation. The space is now largely completed, but the owners have pushed the opening off until December 1. “It’s an Italian superstition,” said Chetti. “November is the month of the dead.”

Full Blooded Italian, 2336 Lake Shore Blvd. W.,

  • moreonlakeshorewestpls

    It is fantastic to hear that this new pizza place will be coming to Lakeshore West. Many new residents/young families have have moved into Mimico and New Toronto and we have nowhere to spend our money with the huge lack of exciting retail and restaurants along Lakeshore West. My husband and I vow to make FBI pizza a weekly thing for our family to support this new local business. I do hope that FBI does a little marketing as residents in this area have become numb to looking at the existing stores as we drive along Lakeshore W…the new stuff tends to blend in with the old and the blah and by the time people find out about a new place it is gone. A similar thing happened with Forno Pizza on Lakshore and 8th street (I think). The store needs to be VERY visible and welcoming and people will come in droves. Passers by need to know the affiliation with Queen Margheritas as well! Maybe a mailbox leaflet can go out to Mimico,New Toronto and Condos just East of Mimico. MANY of us residents are dreaming of a day that this area will have fewer Money Marts and Cash Stops and be more like Roncy area (which we still frequent weekly for brunch/dinner/pubs and shopping). Oh and the Humber College students have no where to eat either so tell them about FBI pizza as well. I think back to my university days and about how much myself and friends ate out and wonder where all of the Humber South Campus students go on the Lakeshore. There are retail store spaces across from the Humber campus that are vacant. Such a lost opportunity for entrepreneurs. We know nothing about the restaurant/coffee/pub business and won’t pretend to but often when we have neighbourhood BBQs many of us talk about trying to open a restaurant/pub together as there is a dyer need in this area. Best of luck to FBI pizza. I will spread the word and we will support your new venture in our neighbourhood by the lake.

  • Culinerd

    I think over the last year this is the most positive comment i have ever seen. Yes also the area is sorta the same across the board. I hope to see more places pop up in that area. It is an area of interest for me to move in the next year.

  • ebs

    stoked on this news. as an etobicoke resident and someone who works in the area, this is going to be a welcomed addition. i’ll be ordering for the boys at work once a week if petty cash allows.

  • the great pumpkin

    Welcome to another business on Lake Shore, we do have a many choices and more are always welcome I’m not sure if the person who writes under moreonlakeshorewestpls is aware.. but we have many restaurants and cafes all along lake shore, and surrounding, just on royal york there is Il Padres pizza, San Remo, Pizza nova, Il Paesano on Browns line, Panzerotti and Pizza on Lake Shore right near Humber college and a pizza parlour across the street from Humber college… so WHAT are you talking about? I have not even mentioned the diners like the Greek Texan and the Japanese restaurants, Indian:Bombay on the Lake and Everest. In Mimico we have cafe du lac which is Quebecois and Japanese and Indian, diners and more. So your comments are incorrect and silly, frankly. Mimico is no where near Humber college which is at Kipling and Lake Shore. Perhaps an article about the lake Shore is due Toronto Life… a comprehensive one. Thanks!

  • the great pumpkin

    Last bit on my post there about Mimico should read we have the Canadiana, Cafe du Lac which is Quebecois. Everest Indian cuisine. A Japanese restaurant, I know I’m forgetting many others along and around the Thriving Lake shore community. Not to mention the many cafes such as Birds and Beans, The Big guys little coffee shop, The Gallery-cafe, Delicia, the incredible San Remo, we have independent grocers, clothing, Games, Books,and many independent businesses and services to offer. Thank-you!

  • Jacob

    I wish they would take a chance on delivering the thin crust pies. I’m sure Riverdale, Riverside, Leslieville and Beaches residents would be willing to compromise quality in order to avoid the zoo which is QM on a Saturday night.