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Toronto’s five best steak frites

The city’s most impressive meat-and-potatoes pairings in order of awesomeness

Best Steak Frites
No. 1
A good hand with seasoning (rosemary, thyme and a few drops of olive oil and balsamic) brings out the complex flavours of Nota Bene’s grass-fed strip loin, which has flesh so tender it could be cut with a butter knife; frites are crunchy and lustily salted. 180 Queen St. W., 416-977-6400.

No. 2
La Société’s excellent steak frites (which sells for a very fair $26 for such an over-the-top joint) is both freakishly tender and beautifully aged. Fries are thin and crispy, double-fried with the skin on, and served with garlic aïoli. 131 Bloor St. W., 416-551-9929.

No. 3
At Delux, succulent strips of garnet-hued, grass-fed Wellington County flatiron steak are topped with salsa verde, served with a side of peppery arugula and thick, yet perfectly crisp potatoes. 92 Ossington Ave., 416-537-0134.

No. 4
In Riverdale, Table 17’s top sirloin steak comes exquisitely tender and perfectly seared. It’s accompanied by matchstick canola oil–fried russet potatoes and a tart lemon mayo. 782 Queen St. E., 416-519-1851.

No. 5
La Palette’s chocolate-port reduction makes an already delicious strip loin sing. A horseradish and blue cheese butter complements the meat. The fries come with a tarragon mayo. 492 Queen St. W., 416-603-4900.

(Image: The flatiron steak at Delux, James Tse)

  • Ben Dover

    I’ve had the steak frites at Table 17 & it wasn’t in my top five. It was ok but nothing great or maybe it was just the night that I was there. I think La Palette has one of the best.

  • Anonymous

    La Societe’s steak frites is only ok. Actually quite disappointing for the price. Nothing beats Mon Ami Gabi in Vegas. In Toronto, I haven’t found a great steak frites yet.

  • Jonas

    Sidecar has my vote.

  • Danny

    same here Ben, went to table 17 last nite and not sure if they made my top 5. I had the hanger steak (not the grass fed strip loin) from Nota bene as well and they’re ok.

    went to La Societe, although I didn’t have their steak, but their other food weren’t great either and service is slower than Paris.

  • chefextraordinare

    Big surprise the best steak frites in TO ain’t listed ! I’m sure if I paid TO Life enough, my steak would be.

  • benl

    If you are looking for the best steak frites ever you need to go to Kingston Ontario… The resturant is called Chien Noir and is has been rated the best for years. I havn’t found a great place in Toronto yet– so sad for such a big city.

  • BeanBum

    You should try the Steak and Frites at Frank’s Kitchen, it’s crazy good and not too expensive (forget how much exactly) but remember thinking that it was amazing value. They do tableside truffles on top of the steak as well.

    Also good is Le Select is quite good.

  • BeanBum

    Oh yes, and Woodlot. Great Flank Steak.

  • anon

    Bastellen, Rob Rossi’s new spot has a flavourful tender piece of steak. Mouth watering for it right now.