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Susur Lee to open new spot on the Dundas West foodie mile with his sons

Lee at his last opening, Lee Lounge (Image: Renée Suen)

The comings and goings at 777 Dundas Street West sure have been attracting a lot of attention of late. The one-time home of Le Corner has now been scooped up by none other than Susur Lee. This time, however, there’s a catch: according to Now magazine it’s Lee’s sons, Levi and Kai Bent-Lee, who will be the faces of the joint, with their celebu-dad popping in and out of the kitchen.

While there has already been much speculation, we spoke to Lee’s better half, Brenda Bent (of Restaurant Makeover fame), while checking out Hrvati Bar, which she designed. Bent told us the place aims to have a more youthful slant than some of Lee’s other places, and that the boys hope to open before Christmas, though nothing is certain in the restaurant business. Whatever comes of the still-unnamed spot, it’s already in good company on the foodie strip, which includes the likes of the Black Hoof and its cocktail bar, Porchetta and Co., Campagnolo and most recently, L’Ouvrier.

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  • Lol

    Pretty sure Kai’s the one who couldn’t hack it after two weeks at Terroni.

  • Over it

    The Lee’s take another stab at it on Dundas West? With no plan or menu in place, it seems as though this is another try at milking the family’s slight popularity in Toronto. Give something back for a change. Dundas West has character, don’t taint it.

  • Myque D

    Sounds like the comments of a hater-resto-wannabe…I trust both of you will be in attendance to highly scrutinize this venture West?! Or, just continue plotting your ‘big-move’ into restauranting from your the Ikea furniture in your rented apartment in the heart of Mississauga?!

  • Culinerd


    That is funny. The more I read this section of Toronto Life I get a better understanding to why my brother after having successful restaurants around the world, won’t open a place here. He loves Toronto started here and just won’t shame to the Haters, a reason why we can’t have that high class shine.

  • Chris Macdonald

    TL. Get back to me when you have a story to tell.

  • Ben

    It’s called Bent.