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Weekly Lunch Pick: a fried fish feast on King West

The fish basket at The One That Got Away (Image: Andrew Brudz)

Since it opened last November, The One That Got Away has been serving simple sandwiches, wraps and tacos (only available after 2 p.m. for now) to King West workers and nighttime revellers. The cafeteria-style dining room features the rustic wood and kitschy artifacts ubiquitous in new restaurants, but the classic fish ’n’ chips is hard to come by downtown. The fish basket ($15) is a deep-fried dream for indecisive seafood lovers, piled high on old-timey newspaper-print wax paper and served on a little metal tray. Battered shrimp are golden and crisp on the outside, plump and juicy inside. Calamari are coated in a kicky spice mix, while the haddock is lightly battered so as to not overpower the light, flaky flesh. The scallops add a little sweetness to the savoury mix. Crisp, thick-cut fries benefit from a hit of malt vinegar, and a side of crunchy coleslaw is a cool complement to the delicious heart attack of a meal.

The cost: $19.50, including tax and a Pop Shoppe cream soda ($2.25).

The time: 35 minutes, with less than a 10-minute wait for our order.

The One That Got Away World-Famous Fish House, 581 King St. W., 647-351-6153,

  • Deb


  • andre

    love this place…been going since they opened. That basket and their salmon burger are amazing

  • OPL

    Nice try, a bit over priced and the fish and fries are not very good. Plus, because there’s often not enough room in the dinning area to sit down and eat, you have to take your food to go and within a few minutes the batter and fries become even more soggy.

  • Big Slick

    In general, I think deep frying is a bad way to cook fresh seafood, but I guess once in while everyone gets a craving for something cooked in hot oil.

  • Rose

    I love this place! I think it’s easily the best fish and chips in Toronto.

  • luvit

    If you don’t want the fish fried it can be grilled – you also get your choice of fish (cod, talapia etc.) This place is phenomenal!

  • Culinerd

    Had this for lunch on Sunday, It made my day. I got Halibut it was fantastic. I will say they are definite on making it the best fish n chips in the city.

    Will be back to try the fish basket.

  • sean

    seafood basket is such a good deal… everything is delicious and perfectly cooked… well mannered staff as well.. i return often