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DIY BBQ Guide: three meat delivery services for locavores who can’t fit a side of beef in their freezer

From farm to freezer

(Image: Joel Kimmel)

Being a locavore doesn’t come cheap. While buying in bulk can help, not everyone has a minivan and a deep-freeze big enough for a side of beef. The solution? Meat boxes, delivered monthly from the farm. The deal is similar to veggie programs: subscribers buy in for a few months and farmers divvy up the ethically raised animals among them. Deliveries bring expertly butchered cuts wrapped for the freezer. Here, three programs for keeping your ’cue stocked with virtuous steaks and burgers all summer long.

West Side Beef Co.,
One-fifteenth of a cow from Dingo Farms, a GMO-free farm near Bradford. Boxes include ground beef, steaks, sausages, lard and stock. $150 for approximately 20 lbs. Orders are on a cow-by-cow basis. Pickup only.

Stoddart Family Farm, 705-786-7705,
Naturally raised beef, lamb, pork and chicken from a farm in the Kawarthas. Boxes bring ground beef, steaks, sausages, chops, stew and roasts. $495 for 10 lbs. per month for six months.

Twin Creeks Organic Farm and Garden, 519-538-4704,
Grass-fed beef and lamb and naturally raised pork. Cuts include steaks, sausages, chops and stew. $335 for 6 to 7 lbs. per month for six months.

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