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Beavernapped! Thieves abscond with the Queen and Beaver’s stuffed mascot, then post hostage photos on Facebook

Hostage photos send to the Queen and Beaver (Image courtesy of Jamieson Kerr)

The Queen and Beaver Public House on Elm Street is known for its food, its drink and its beaver. So what does a hip gastro-pub do when vandals make off with its large, stuffed mascot? Apparently, wait for the beavernapping geniuses to put pictures of their crime on Facebook. We spoke with Jamieson Kerr, owner of the Q&B, about the November 5 theft of his beloved totem. “What happened was they posted pictures of the beaver on their Facebook page. One of my staff knew one of [the thieves].”

The bandits won’t be shortlisted for any evil genius awards in the near future. Aside from putting evidence of a crime on Facebook, posing the beaver with an XBox controller gives us the suspicion that the perps are garden variety, university-age pranksters. Here’s hoping the beaver retains its natural musk and doesn’t come back stinking of Axe body spray.

The good news is that the beaver is due to be returned soon—possibly tonight. The thieves have been contacted, Kerr tells us, adding he “can understand a prank, but we let them know we’re not happy.” If the beavernappers drag their feet on giving the mascot back, the restrained barkeep hasn’t ruled out calling the cops.

  • Oddfellows

    Oddfellows is still awaiting the return of their beaver.

  • beavernapper

    actually, the beaver requested to play xbox.

  • curious

    is it possible this is not in fact a kidnapping? Perhaps the beaver accompanied these individuals of it’s own free will…

  • non beavernapper

    What is all this? You take a pic with a cool beaver whom someone brought to a bar one night. Mind you, from the looks of it the beaver is CLEARLY having the time of his/her life! (can’t get any better than being around hot chicks and playing xbox). Then your pic is “copied” off facebook and posted on Toronto Life. Where you’re then accused of being a thief and beavernapping genius. haha
    I thought Toronto Life was a magazine not a tabloid. Great Job guys! *Thumbs down*
    By the way…when I met the beaver that night he mentioned he wishes the RAT pack that lived with him at the Queen would of tagged along as well. Guess they were too busy in the kitchen that night.

  • Rodrigo Anderson

    Toronto Life should do their home work before writing a story. Shame on thee. Btw, that gorgeous self respecting woman has absolutely nothing to do with your so called, ‘prank’. Other then a photo-op with some hot beaver on the town.

  • future beavernapper

    there are millions of beavers in the province, get a new one!

  • K

    Seriously?? Slow news day.

  • torie

    Immature… Stealing a beaver then, most likely drunkenly posting photos of it on Facebook… smoooottthhhh. I sympathize with the Queen(-beaver)they worked hard to get that beaver!!!