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Introducing: The Chocolateria, purveryor of chocolate-dipped potato chips

Warning: these chips are habit-forming (Image: Sian Richards)

Trend-conscious Roncesvalles has fallen hard for the chocolate-dipped potato chip, the wickedly addictive best-seller at the avenue’s newest confectionery, The Chocolateria. The winsome shop is run by Tim English, a corporate lawyer who succumbed to the siren call of chocolate after taking a pastry course at George Brown. His sweet gamble has paid off: despite opening at the end of August, in the midst of a debilitating heat wave and Roncey construction chaos, the shop has been an instant success. (Smartly, the woo campaign this fall included free samples of nutmeg-laced hot chocolate.) Best bets: craggy hunks of sponge toffee, deliciously gooey turtles with fresh pecans (a huge improvement on Grandma’s drugstore collection) and, of course, these wondrous, habit-forming chips.

The Chocolateria
361 Roncesvalles Ave., 416-588-0567