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Guu’d news? The jam-packed izakaya may be opening second location in Toronto

Toronto the Guu'd: the Church Street izakaya may be expanding (Image: Gabriel Li, from the Flickr pool)

Our appetite for Japanese food spiked today after hearing the rumour, via Chowhound, that Church Street’s Guu Izakaya is planning on opening a second location at Bloor and Spadina in the fall. Since the Vancouver import opened up in Toronto last December, it’s been packed to the rafters (a two-hour wait for a table is not uncommon). A new Annex counterpart would suit Guu’ casual-yet-authentic Japanese offerings, but Vancouver office manager Yoshi Negishi says they haven’t officially decided where they’re going to open a second location. “The first one is pretty good,” Negishi says. “In the future, if it’s possible, we would like to open up a second.”

  • squirt

    yay! finally a japanese restaurant that is not some run-of-the-mill sushi shop run by chinese people in yukkata.

  • TDS

    wow squirt, racist much?

  • popsy

    If true, hooray. About time the Annex Bloor strip got a decent place to eat. Its all fast food/frat food. Bad bars, including of the sushi variety.

  • TO GUY

    I spoke with the owner today and he confirmed it! it is slated to open in the new year.

  • TO GUY Lies

    All this talk about a 2nd location is just speculation.

    I personally know the owner and he said to keep demand up, another restaurant will not be opening until 2012.