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Weekly Lunch Pick: Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company

A new Bloor West shop constructs dreamy, decadent sandwiches for $5

The place: The art, the names of the dishes and the soundtrack are all inspired by the indie rock band Wilco. Groupiedom isn’t a prerequisite to eating lunch here, though; the Koreatown walk-up is welcoming, and the sandwiches are fresh and cheap.

The crowd: U of T types lingering over lunch by the electric fireplace, and local residents happy to have an alternative to the strip’s overwhelming number of Korean spots.

The deal: High-stacked or pressed sandwiches made with house-baked bread and luxe fixings, along with daily soups ($5) and loads of veggie options. Advance e-mail orders bring a five per cent savings for anyone in a rush or worried their selection will sell out.

The dish: We sample two hearty sandwiches: the Casino Queen and the Dreamer in My Dreams. The former, on honey-nut bread, is a rich rendition of a club with bacon, avocado and roast turkey, all sweetened by punchy balsamic onion marmalade. The Dreamer took 20 minutes, as we waited for the bread to bake (we’re told there’s a magic to intensifying the curry-cumin topping), but it is entirely worth it. The panino oozes succulent roast beef, caramelized onions, melted cheese and the aforementioned cumin.

The time: 48 minutes due to the Dreamer delay. Next time, we’re e-mailing ahead.

The cost: $13.50, including tax and tip.

Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company, 605 Bloor St. W., 647-351-7945,

  • Sam

    Friendly service too. I was given a free sandwich when my first didn’t meet the personal standards of my waiter/sandwich artist.

  • Anna

    The smell of the fresh baked bread should be enough to make you want to return, happy to report that the sandwiches are amazing!!! and the staff is nice which is nice too :)

  • chelseagirl

    I ate here last Friday and a few hours later was hit with a violent bout of gastroenteritis. I’ve been ill ever since. Since I work at home and eat simply this is the only culprit.

    The sandwich was delicious and all (and yes it took a while) and inexpensive but please, look into the food safety. Maybe the roasted tomatoes? Something was clearly ‘off’.