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  • Olga

    Are you Kidding ?

    You don’t even mention Demetre’s, particularly the Danforth location. I finally think I’m going to read about venue I’ve been to, because Demetre’s has got to be up there for “Late night dessert”. But no, I guess it’s not “shi shi poo poo enough for you. So therefore I guess I’m not shi shi poo poo enough or maybe I’m too ethnic because I like to dine on the Danforth. I am considering canceling my subscription as I find it difficult to relate to very much of the restaurants you feature.

  • Diana

    Olga says: ‘Are you Kidding?’

    Wow.. you got your knickers in a knot because your fav desert spot was not mentioned?

    Some of us actually appreciate reading about places we’ve NOT been to. That’s how we expand and find new ‘favourites’.

    Me thinks you need to cut back on the sugar. ;)

  • Rida

    Who cares about Demetre’s..i would rather know about some new and interesting places i can visit.

  • nen

    Demetre’s is already well known and there is not much to write about. Oversized portions of low quality, super sweet desserts. Places like Demetre’s are why obesity is on the rise.

  • Hessy

    Toronto is also filled with them now. there are plenty of shisha places around town mainly in the north york and midtown Toronto area. finally people don’t have to travel far places like Mississauga to enjoy the night and smoke shisha with friends

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  • Sam

    The Bier Markt serves delicious desserts right up till last call. This upcoming year brings lemon meringue brulee with raspberry macarons and a dessert charcuterie, yes I said Dessert Charcuterie! No worries though, it is meat free!