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For tomorrow only, you can pour 7-Eleven slushies into any receptacle you desire (well, almost any)

(Image: 7-Eleven Canada/Facebook)

(Image: 7-Eleven Canada/Facebook)

Cups are the worst! Sure, they facilitate drinking in an ordinary, unhampered manner, but otherwise they’re a total snooze. Thankfully, 7-Eleven has figured out a way to liven up the dreary business of consuming liquids—provided those liquids are 7-Eleven slushies. For tomorrow only (that is, Thursday, March 20), the chain is letting customers fill random receptacles with mass quantities neon-hued slush, all for the low Slurpee price of $1.49.

Before anyone starts hosing down their blue bin, it should be noted that there are certain parameters: vessels must be clean and watertight, and they also have to be small enough to fit within a “magic measuring hole” that will presumably be installed in 7-Elevens countrywide for this specific, one-day-only purpose. (The hole has a 26cm diameter, which is about the size of a medium KFC bucket—which, come to think of it, would be a very natural food pairing.)

The promo is also a contest: the person who comes up with the most ingenious cup substitute and posts the pic to Facebook wins free Slurpees for a year. And, possibly, diabetes.